The Only Thing That Appears Linear From New CDC Lockdowns Is The Left Doesn’t Want Them To Stop

Americans are being bombarded with data and information that that government workers have created a medical emergency one that is is hampering our quality of life and robbing us of our civil liberties over an illness that we often are not afraid of, nor does the media seem to be able to explain to us. 

Consider this:

Reuters reported on Wednesday something that does not match the emergency of the far left:

“COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations are “comparatively” low as the highly infectious Omicron variant of the coronavirus spreads, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky said on Wednesday as cases in the United States reached a record high.”

People in positions of power have demanded draconian measures to deal with COVID based on what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says is necessary. Even though the CDC is not made up of elected officials, the CDC word has been all that is needed for politicians, pundits, and media to heed their every call. 

In fact, real doctors have been riding the bell for over a year that the CDC is an error making machine:


Recently, when Democrat Joe Biden spoke about the COVID illness that has caused so much disruption in our lives, he told US Governors that there was no “Federal solution” to COVID. That news went viral for it’s shocking content because Biden had campaigned boldly that he, unlike President Donald J. Trump, was going to easily and roundly defeat COVID.

Instead, we have more COVID restrictions than we had before. And there seems to be zero reliable data or leadership anywhere on the topic. 

After almost two years of politicians telling us to “trust the science” and follow their orders, Americans are now being told that new CDC science policies are based on what ‘people would tolerate’- not upon any logic. 

Businesses have had enough of the drama and fake headlines, and are putting pressure on government workers to get their Hollywood-style drama – together. 

Remember this is the science that can’t be questioned, but note the CDC just changed their policy on personal lockdowns, and the left is upset because they apparently never want COVID restrictions to go away. 

Left-leaning Kaitlan Collins interviewed the CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Wolinsky and sounded angry that anything had changed and wanted to know when children could get vaccinated from the scary disease. 

Wolinksy told Collins that she cut the timing for personal lockdowns in half from 10 days to 5 days based upon the “science of transmission”, and then made up what sounds like a bunch of nonsense.  There was a long stream of days and numbers and talk about tests, but nothing really made sense. 

Wolinsky told Collins that during the winter months the CDC is expecting more illness. Collins asked Wolinsky if she had made the decision to shorten lock downtimes on the importance of people going to work- on the business instead of the science when Wolinsky started talking about people needing to get back to work. 

“We took into account what people would tolerate.  We had to decide what people would be willing to do,” Wolinsky said. 

Watch this crazy interview, see if anything appears to be linear: 

The left is furious over the reduction in personal isolation and lockdowns, based on social media posts, like this:

“The CDC is helping Delta Airlines put profit over health. It’s no coincidence that the Delta CEO asked for the quarantine to be reduced to 5 days and like magic, the CDC complied. Wolinsky needs to go.”

“Your inconsistent and incoherent messages are some of the many reasons we have so many unvaccinated people and don’t trust the CDC. If Dr. Wolinsky is not capable of steering this Covid ship, then get someone else who is. I realize science can change on a dime, but this BS.”

It appears as if the left doesn’t want to go back to normal.  That is all I got out of the interview, personally. 

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