There Is No Easy Way To Tell You This: Ben Found ‘Condoms, Lube, Kids Clothes Dumped On American Soil!’

Ben Bergquam has been reporting live from the Southern Border to bring Americans the evidence that there is a humanitarian crisis happening because of Democrat Joe Biden’s disastrous policies.

Bergquam has been on Real America’s Voice, Just The News, and Steve Bannon’s War room on and off for weeks, informing audiences what has happened since President Donald J. Trump let office. Joe Biden put a stop-work order on the remaining parts of the Border Security Wall that have been left in shatters, with Biden’s open Border policies.

Criminal elements have been dragged through peaceful and law-abiding neighborhoods in Mexico, endangering Mexican families and children, and their way to cross the US border where they have been promised perks from the Biden administration and far-left organizing groups.

Bergquam has been investigating the caves and dwellings where coyotes and others hide out while waiting for an opportunity to cross over.

What is especially upsetting to people who are seeing the damage first hand is the knowledge that Mexican children are being used as pawns to get an easier passage over, and the debris left behind by people looking to cross is often a mixture of things that show a sad commentary.

In this video Ben shows papers in Spanish, condoms and children’s clothing.


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Watch and Share. Americans need to know what is happening on the border.

“This is happening on American soil,” Bergquam said. Join him in prayer for the children who are victims, for the people who are victims and for America.

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