Transformation of USA: Illegal Migrants Given Priority Over Black Americans With Free Room and Board and Government Services

For years conservatives have been warning America that the looming transformation of the nation was going to harm the Black community the hardest, and this week’s news proves they were right.

Here is proof on video of an outraged community who are addressing their elected civil servants over the lack of care for legal citizens and the increase in care for illegal residents.

“Why was our community chosen? This is an outrage,” one Chicago resident said about the city housing plan for caring for migrants. The Mayor of the town is heard saying that migrants who see love and support in the city are met with a spirit of service.

Disaster is on the US border, which is open to all of the unskilled laborers the third world can send us, and with the intentional lifting of Title 42 and the Biden administration working so hard to make migration more comfortable for illegal aliens, American citizens are being replaced as the focus of the US government and law enforcement as citizens watch their important to the system drop, and that of illegal aliens rise.

That is the transformation that Barack Hussein Obama was talking about and now we see the final move in his plan, we are being invaded. The Federal Government is helping the UN transplant people in our country, bypassing our legal immigration system.

This is the plan that Democrats voted for, supported and wanted.

This terrible situation has all been predicted and written about for decades- and the Democrat voters have had their way and the uni-party politicians have made a lot of money for themselves, creating this migrant Hell for the American people.

This was all a plan. Don’t forget that part.

Frontline America covered the news story about Texas Governor Greg Abbott assisting illegal migrants who were crossing the US Border in his state by sending them to cities like Chicago and New York, where there are already uprisings by citizens over a housing situation taking place.

Fox News reported more details about what is unfolding:

“The Chicago Mayor’s Office is preparing to discuss plans to house migrants at the old South Shore High School.

It’s a proposal that is causing some stir within the community.

Breitbart reported on the details of the unhappy people:

“Citizens in Chicago are angrily protesting President Joe Biden’s flood of foreign migrants into their neighborhoods and workplaces.

“It is a slap in the face that we as citizens of the United States of America do not have the resources and support but you’re going to bring people who are not citizens here in our community in our buildings that we pay taxes for that you took away from us,” resident Natasha Dunn told TV cameras. “That is completely unacceptable … The black people in Chicago are bleeding on the streets,” she added.

top Democratic city leader at the May 4 meeting denounced the policy, reported

Minutes later, the crowd shouted down city officials’ attempt at a presentation about the plans …

The migrants “come from a place where they didn’t have nothing, so I know what that is,” [resident Etta] McChristian said. “But at the end of the day, if Chicago can’t take care of its own, why should they take care of others? If the resources are given to others, why can’t the resources be given to us?”

CNN reported that there are a lot of illegal migrants who are in Texas and that the problem is about ready to explode, and with Abbott’s plan to transport them to Chicago, it seems that the situation is going to get worse for the Black Community on the South Side of Chicago:

Federal agents moved through the quiet streets outside Sacred Heart Church in El Paso, Texas, early Tuesday morning, handing out flyers to more than 1,000 migrants who have been sleeping on the sidewalks, encouraging them to turn themselves in to immigration authorities ahead of the looming expiration of a Trump-era border restriction policy

What is Title 42, why is it ending and what’s happening now at the border?

Worry spread throughout the makeshift encampment as migrants read the document, which urged those who skirted authorities on the way into the US to visit the nearest processing station a few minutes walk from the church. There, the flyer said, they would be “processed by CBP officers and placed on the correct immigration path.”

The enforcement action by federal officials here comes as the United States braces for the lifting of Title 42, a 2020 policy to curb the spread of Covid-19 that allowed US authorities to swiftly expel migrants encountered at the southern border, with some exceptions. It’s set to lapse on Thursday, along with the nation’s coronavirus public health emergency.

The policy has been controversial in part because immigrant rights advocates argued officials were using public health as a pretext to keep as many migrants out of the country as possible.

Officials have warned its expiration could lead to a surge in the number of migrants trying to cross into the US and exacerbate an already challenging humanitarian crisis at the southern border, which is already seeing an increase in migrant arrivals. Daily encounters between US border agents and migrants climbed in recent days, surpassing 8,000 daily, a Homeland Security official said. That number could reach around 10,000 after Title 42 lifts, the official said.

The federal government estimates more than 150,000 migrants were waiting in shelters and on the streets of northern Mexican states bordering the US this weekend, a source familiar with the estimates told CNN.

That includes 60,000 migrants in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, 35,000 in the state of Tamaulipas and 25,000 in the state of Coahuila, among others, the source said Monday, adding the government estimates hundreds of thousands of migrants were in the “pipeline” in southern Mexico and Central American countries.

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