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Ben Bergquam has an incredible, sweet little family that he supports. He also makes it all around the Southern Border of the United States, networking with lawmakers, government officials, grassroots groups, and regular people to bring us real news about the border crisis.

If you follow his work on Frontline America, this year you have seen Ben report on things no one else is reporting on. He has been pushed back by the Texas National Guard for showing the invasion as it happens, he has identified crimes- by invaders- as they are happening, he has uncovered government plots to hide the illegal status of border crosses and exposed secret flights to hide illegals in the heart of the country- from Military bases.

While people are working to hide the damage that Joe Biden’s open borders policy has done to America, Ben is there exposing it for our good. He is reporting to help educate people so they will protect American families.

Ben reports for Frontline America and is a frequent guest on the War Room Pandemic with Steve Bannon. And he is the founder of Frontline America.

Ben Bergquam has been there for us, to bring us the stories that other journalists refuse to cover, and he has put his name- boldly on his work, unafraid of the consequences of calling out the corrupt Biden regime. Ben is going because he and his team are trying to help save America.

And we are doing it without the resources of the huge networks.

Ben has exposed Biden’s hypocritical talk about COVID restrictions while allowing illegals to cross over into the USA, he has shown that illegals are crossing with health conditions that are dangerous to Americans- and he does it at a price to his career and home life- because the border is dangerous and exposing the criminal enterprise there is very dangerous.


Here is your chance to support Ben’s work. Independent Media can help ‘move the needle” for us in the propaganda war. You can help; please support Frontline America by purchasing these products and help Frontline America – help America.

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Merry Christmas from the Frontline family to yours.

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