Under Biden, Northern and Southern Borders of the US are in Danger Of Collapse

Immigration issues plague both the southern and northern borders of the US, with surges in unauthorized crossings, diverse nationalities, security concerns, and humanitarian challenges demanding comprehensive policy responses. Yet, leadership in both countries that are close to the US border is enticing massive human migration from very poor nations.

And the United States is in partnership with the other dangerous leaders. This is a tragic story.

All of this strife is part of a non-legally binding agreement organized by the United Nations through a well-funded program called the “United Nations Global Compact for Migration.”

The compact is an international agreement to “address global migration issues through cooperation between countries, focusing on safer and more orderly migration while upholding human rights.”

KEY POINT: Barack Obama got the US into the agreement, President Trump got us out of the agreement, and Joe Biden got us back in.


Canada supports the United Nations Global Compact for Human Migration, according to this press release.

In the remote expanse near Beecher Falls, Vermont, where the United States converges with Canada, a remarkable surge in migrant apprehensions has caught the attention of U.S. Border Patrol agents. Erik Lavallee, stationed at the Beecher Falls station, describes the influx as unprecedented, challenging the norms of his nearly two-decade tenure in the Swanton Sector.

This surge in crossings along the northern border, totaling around 7,000 arrests in fiscal year 2023 alone, raises questions about the underlying causes and implications. While the influx at the southern border dwarfs these numbers, the diversity of nationalities among those apprehended underscores the global nature of migration trends.

Changes in Canadian foreign policy, particularly regarding visa requirements for certain nationalities, have reshaped migration patterns. The ease of access facilitated by the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) program allowed for swift entry into Canada, often followed by undetected attempts to cross into the United States.

The absence of physical barriers along vast northern border stretches complicates enforcement efforts, highlighting the need for innovative surveillance and interdiction strategies. Despite these challenges, the Border Patrol remains vigilant, relying on a combination of ground sensors, drones, and patrols to monitor the expansive territory.

However, the issue extends beyond enforcement concerns, with migrant safety emerging as a pressing issue. Tragic incidents, including fatalities due to drownings and hypothermia, underscore the risks faced by illegals navigating treacherous terrain.

Meanwhile, discussions about potential responses to migration challenges extend beyond the northern border.


Haiti is a part of the United Nations Global Compact for Human Migration as well, according to this webiste.

The Biden administration’s consideration of using Guantanamo Bay to process Haitian migrants reflects broader concerns about mass migration events, particularly in light of worsening conditions in Haiti.

The deteriorating situation in Haiti, marked by gang violence and political instability, has raised fears of a mass exodus to the United States. As federal resources strain under existing pressures, contingency plans are being drafted to address potential surges in migration, both from the Caribbean and across other borders.

In this complex landscape of immigration policy, the intersecting challenges of northern border crossings and potential mass migration events underscore the need for adaptive and holistic responses. As policymakers grapple with these issues, the imperative remains to balance security concerns with humanitarian considerations, ensuring the safety and well-being of both migrants and host communities.

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