Unhinged White Progressive Woman Attacks Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, Shows Her Privilege

A White progressive female member of the North Carolina General Assembly has become unhinged and posted numerous vile verbal attacks on Republican Lt. Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson. Yet, she is quite proud of herself.

Butler, a Democrat, is demanding the resignation of the state’s first Black Lt. Governor because he is a Republican. Imagine that.  What special privilege she has.

Robinson’s campaign sent an email out to Robinson’s supporters on Saturday night and drew attention to the nasty attacks by vile Deb Butler, who describes herself on Twitter as:

“NC House of Representatives, Democratic Whip, House District 18, Attorney, Legislator, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. #Iwillnotyield, Instyle Badass”


Butler, in a recent post called Robinson a “pig”.



“Democrats are at it again. When they can’t win, they revert to name- calling. This time it is from a member in the North Carolina State House,” a note from Mark Robinsons’s campaign says.

Liberals can’t stop attacking me because I scare them. They are afraid of a black man that doesn’t fit their narrative.  I grew up poor as the ninth of ten children in a household with an abusive alcoholic father. My mother had a fifth-grade education. Liberals are terrified that I shatter their narrative that America is racist and that black people cannot make it without government support. That’s why they continue to call me names and attack me. We are at a crossroads in our nation. The days of Republicans being bullied by Democrats are OVER.  As you can see from the picture above, I have been spreading the message that it’s time for Conservatives to be as loud as the radicals on the left.

Butler brags about having the endorsement of radical far-leftist Eric Holder, who also happens to be Black. so apparently it is ok for her to attack Robinson.

Butler continued on with the verbal attacks in another post calling Robinson a “loathsome bigot” in reaction to a story in the left-leaning News and Observer.

Butler doesn’t limit her unhinged attacks on North Carolinians to just Robinson- she also defames other Republicans by posting about them and calling them “Traitors”:

“Where are the voices in the #NCGOP condemning an insurrectionist? Instead, they welcome him to our #NCGA? Are we really going to allow a traitor to govern in NC?,” Butler wrote in reaction to a news story. 

Apparently, there isn’t civil behavior or civil liberty that Butler needs to respect.

According to her Bio, Deb hasn’t been around all that long.

Deborah Armfield “Deb” Butler is a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives, where she has served since 2017. She represents the 18th House District, covering a portion of New Hanover County, as a member of the Democratic Party.

Deb got famous for her big mouth and uncivilized behavior, running roughshod over other members of the General Assembly and having an unhinged, undignified meltdown on the floor.

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