Video Proof That We Face Unfettered Invasion With Open Borders

Courageous reporting by Real America’s Voice reporter, Ben Bergquam, proves that the Democrats are leaving our Southern borders open and vulnerable to a number of dangers, and Democrat Joe Biden appears to be trying to find ways to make it even worse.

Even though Biden continues to claim that the nation is at risk from COVID, border patrol is being overrun with illegal crossers, many who are openly sick- who have not gone through any standard immigration process as they are entering the country – at will.

And the Biden administration is getting ready to lift all restrictions on illegal immigration- by removing the Trump era policies which is going to make things far worse that what you are about to see on Bergquam’s footage.

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Ben is a frequent guest on the War Room podcast with Steve Bannon, and he is host of his own show- Law and Border- on Real America’s Voice.

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