‘We Are Not Getting The Help We Need From Higher Ups In Texas’, La Joya Police Officer Told Bergquam

A police officer told investigative reporter Ben Bergquam, that crimes and problems with enforcement are escalating in his area because something he has never seen before is happening- that illegal aliens, who live on this side of the border, are helping with the smuggling of other people and drugs- and things are getting worse according to the Sergeant in the La Joya, Texas police force.

“We have a lack of equipment, and we are not getting support. We have a gigantic caseload we send to the District Attorney, and we are not getting help,” the officer told Steve Bannon on the War Room on Tuesday.

Bannon pointed out that the state is seeing a major problem with the actions of the sitting governor, Republican Greg Abbott, who Bergquam chimed in about saying that Abbott was only performing actions that were optics and not helpful to the local police departments who have been burdened with the enforcement of the hazardous border areas.

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