Wireless Monitoring Device Unveiled: The Plan to Save Elections From the Lindell Election Summit

Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, concluded his Million Dollar Election Crime Bureau Summit last week, in Springfield MO, with an actionable plan to equip Americans with an electronic device that will allow them to prove which electronic voting devices have internet activity.

In the audience were gathered grassroots activist groups from all 50 states.

After revealing to his audience what he called “The biggest lie” earlier in the two-day event, that the voting machines were not connected to the internet, Lindell and his team talked about how to convert their vast grassroots organizations into reliable and persistent vigilance over elections and save the Republic.

“There are four operational Units: 1) We have the Election Crime Unit – which is the primary action center and monitors elections; we have a Communications Unit and a Financial unit, Operations unit, which runs everything,” Lindell told his audiences and explained the operation which they called “The Plan”.

“This plan is meant to be persistent. The end game we all want is paper ballots, hand-counted, same-day voting, precinct level, and signature required. That is what we have to have- period. This plan will get us there,” Lindell said.

This is the device, called a wireless monitoring device, that will be central to making all the plans happen :

And here are Lindell’s comments about the process, the details of the organization and how the teams will work:

Here is our past coverage of the Lindell event:

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