With Treacherous Pence gone, Trump is Fully back, ‘Together we are going to Finish what we Started’ WACO RALLY

One thing that was missing from the 1st rally for President Donald J. Trump’s 2024 campaign kick-off, and that was the disastrous Mike Pence, who was like a millstone tied around Trump’s neck, dragging him down.

Gone were the days when Trump would have to worry about how Pence was going to screw up the perfect plan to serve the people of the United States in a way they really wanted to be served.

Because everyone knows that Trump can do it when he is given a chance. But the chance to serve the American people and not screw them in backroom deals to make the elite richer- is exactly what the combined political powers want to stop.

The words Trump chose are fighting words to the establishment of both parties. RINOS and Democrats hate Trump for being a champ to the people.

“We are going to restore the American Republic. We are one movement, one nation under God, and we will make America great again. God bless you all. Thank you,” Trump told a huge crowd, concluding his speech in Texas.

His supporters, who leaped to their feet as their underdog champion, watched as Trump hung around a little bit for his customary dance, looking handsome- tall- rested, and tan.

The song playing was Hold on I’m Coming-Sam and Dave. The crowd, soothed and energized by his words, yelled out, “We love Trump, we love Trump,” and then he was gone.

The lyrics have been a message to Trump’s supporters, who have been comforted in some of the darkest hours of Joe Biden’s regime, with the idea that Trump was coming back, so it was appropriate to play the song.

Put it down on the long list of Trump’s promises made- Promise kept, because Trump is fully back:

“Don’t you ever be sad
Lean on me when times are bad
When the day comes, and you’re down
In a river of trouble and about to drown

Just hold on, I’m comin’
Hold on; I’m comin’

I’m on my way, your lover
If you get cold, yeah, I’ll be your cover
Don’t have to worry, ’cause I’m here
No need to suffer, baby, ’cause I’m near

Just hold on, I’m comin’
Hold on, I’m comin’
Hold on, I’m comin’
Hold on, I’m comin’

Lookie here
Reach out to me for satisfaction, yeah
Lookie here, Dave, that’s all she got to do
Call my name, yeah, for quick reaction
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Now don’t you ever be sad
Lean on me when the times are bad
When the day comes and you’re down, baby
In a river of trouble and about to drown”

Trump started the rally by telling his supporters that he will be the President again:

Trump’s first rally for his 2024 cycle was more focused and reminiscent of the 2016 cycle, where he calmly laid his plan for asking the people of Texas for their vote. Gone were the days of uncertainty about how traitorous Mike Pence would be behaving. Trump was back to his old self, from before he had the burden of lugging around the creepy establishment presence of his former Vice President.

Trump was free to promise things again without worrying about his sidekick’s duplicitous actions.

Energy independence, two genders, ending Critical Race Theory in schools, safe border, and crushing the Chinese Communist Party were some of the most popular topics, all things which the American people have been suffering under.

And of course, upending the Swamp-y, administrative state is always a thing Trump’s supporters want to see happen.

Signs behind him read: “Trump” and “Witch Hunt”, of course, gone was the name Mike Pence, and no one even seemed to notice or care.

Trump is seen as an underdog, betrayed even by his own running mate, and because his opponents have colluded and have overreached so far to deny him his rightful place in leadership- the attendees are furious and ready to vote.

And what Trump gave them will burn in their memories all the way until election day.

Trump repeated numerous times that when the ‘powers that be’ came after him, they were really coming after his supporters.

And his supporters are no strangers, themselves, to the ongoing attacks against them and their familes.

Frontline America even covered the pre-rally attacks that happened, by a leftist, at the sight of rally attendees standing in line. One leftist wanted FBI lists and cancel culture of anyone attending.


And all they did was go to a rally. People were lined up in the AM to be first in line to enter:

Real America’s Correspondent Ben Bergquam appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon to set the stage for a very exciting rally.
The topic of the spiritual battle hit close to home before the rally even started with Maoist tactics:

ArlingtonTexasTrain.com activist spoke with Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam and told him, “We need more minorities out there to be bold with this movement because the mainstream media is not going to dictate our narrative.”

The mainstream media used the location of Waco Texas as a reason to defame and slander Trump’s supporters by calling them all White supremacists- of course.

2016 Waco went for Hillary Clinton, then Trump beat Biden by only 5 points in 2020, David Zere told Ed Henry, both Real America’s Voice correspondents, suggesting that the area was not chosen to host White supremacists after all, but the abusive corporate media couldn’t resist trying to make money trashing Americans.

They had to overlook a tremendous amount of goodwill and fellowship as attendees stood for hours waiting for Trump to speak.

Rallies are a good indication of the amount of enthusiasm that will be unfolding on the campaign trail into 2024. and this rally was supercharged.

The pre-rally polls, as reported by the War Room, were very favorable to Trump, as reported by Frontline America.

Bergquam worked for the crowd and got lots of shots:

And rallygoers still don’t like CNN:
Bergquam got to chat with US Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FLA)
And then he welcomed the plane in with style:

And not even Trump’s landing was anything usual, as covered by Frontline America:

Trump the master showman is off to a great start.

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