Joe Biden Is The Largest Human Trafficker In The World

It is an incredible gut-wrenching shock to witness Democrat Joe Biden use his power and affluence to promote human trafficking in the United States of American, in a country that was once known for defending the most innocent and injured humans around the globe. Especially if you are sworn to protect the country. That is … Read more

The Invasion Is Being Called An ‘Exodus’, Law Enforcement Told To Focus On Humanitarian Needs, Not Laws

Oscar El Blue is a reporter in Mexico who has given the United States many warnings about the coming invasion that has come through his home country, from numerous third world countries, causing havoc for Mexico as they make their way to the United States significantly impacting two countries. “This man who is organizing these … Read more

INVASION: Americans Restricted As Illegal Immigrants Cross Border All With Permission From Joe Biden

According to several lawmakers and pundits who are screaming out about the threats we face as a country, America is under an invasion. Still, they are mostly being ignored because Democrat Joe Biden has restricted the US media. Few courageous reporters dare speak out against the Democrat administration as Ben Bergquam does. Bergquam frequently visits … Read more