‘She’s Dying! She’s Dying!’ Trump Supporters Yelled To Police, After Shocking Beatdown At US Capitol

While the US Government is being led by a radical Anti-American Speaker of the House- Nancy Pelosi, Americans are finding out that the Media, the Democrat party, and Never Trumpers are collaborating to push out a narrative about what happened on Jan 6th that doesn’t match eyewitness reports from that day. Instead of Supporters of … Read more

War On Thanksgiving: Dems, Like Communists

Democrats and their propaganda makers in the media always follow the path they are on without concern for humanity- and it is time for Americans to stop pretending otherwise and accept that the left’s path is Communism. This is the perfect time to see the left’s targeted forces attempt to take down a truly American … Read more

Is It Time For An Exorcism On The Left? Conversations With Mary

America is much like the rest of the world, facing a terrible panic in the population after years of constant assault by Global politicians, fame-seekers, and greedy power mongers. There is a lack of comfort and guidance for people to discover, so- as the Bible tells us- that makes this the perfect time for an … Read more