Communist Hunter Biden Sold His Allegiance To America For Ten Million A Year, Where Is The Judiciary Committee?

The evidence of Hunter Biden’s involvement in spreading Communist ideology, and having notable ties to high-powered business ties with Communists in America, is now cemented with the latest in a series of articles for the Daily Mail. This “new” information, which the War Room Pandemic published before the 2020 election, should finally bring some scrutiny … Read more

A Primer On How To Be A Global Citizen, Now That You Are One

Americans are finding out the painful way that with Democrat Joe Biden- we are Global citizens, in a Communist-dominated push for One World Government, with a One World Religion, to bring about control of all human capital and natural resources- called: One Belt- One Road. All in time for the 100th Birthday celebration of Communism. … Read more

Maskless Biden Proves That ‘Return To Normal’ Is A Privilege For Democrat Elite

Democrat Joe Biden was seen over the Thanksgiving holiday break-out shopping in an exclusive Nantucket boutique and maskless at a time when Americans are facing oppressive mask mandates as well as the dire consequences of his disastrous leadership. Biden was out celebrating his freedom, while Americans at home were facing mask and vaccine demands- out-of-control … Read more