Pt. 2, The Conclusion of Staff Sergeant Moreno and his Subordinates Attempting to Silence the 1st Amendment

Ben Bergquam was in Roma, Texas, with his cameraman last week to record an astounding injustice against all Americans while coughing migrants from all over the world, who are untraceable, cross the Southern Border of the United States and arrive safely into the protection of the Texas National Gaurd. In part one, viewers saw Bergquam … Read more

Exclusive: These Are The Tactics Of Invasion Joe Biden Accepts, Even When They Result In Death Of Innocent Americans

It really isn’t funny to see a carload full of illegal invaders shoved into a car, driving recklessly around American roads and jeopardizing Americans- but someone has to point out the insanity of Democrat Joe Biden’s open border policies that tolerate high-speed chases and crashes, bailouts that lead to foot races, and deaths that result. … Read more