Caught On Film! Flare Shot Over US Capitol Two Minutes Before Ashli Babbitt Shot And Killed [VIDEO]

Democrats and Never Trumpers have made a cottage industry over their narrative about what happened on January 6th at the US Capitol, and they don’t seem at all interested in anything that might point away from them framing themselves as the victims, even when there is obvious video footage that combats their lies. With their … Read more

J6 EXCLUSIVE: Freak Out! SOS William Gavin, Invades Old North Church, Will Warn Of Coming Attack By Sea!

January 6th is shaping up to be a powerful tool for Democrats to use to bludgeon their political opponents, and they appear ready to exploit everything they have access to using to hurt and dismay Americans. Even after two years of constant turmoil over COVID, Democrats are prepared to sting Americans again. “We are having … Read more