WALK-OUT! “Two Years Of COVID Is Not An Emergency, It Is An Agenda”,Free The Smiles Rally

On Tuesday, a group of concerned parents continued in their pursuit to change a school policy that mandates face masks on children. Even while radical far-left Governor Roy Cooper, out of political expediency, has suggested schools in the state lift maks mandates, this school district has stubbornly ignored this group of parents. And this group … Read more

Inflation Watch: ‘We Are Going To Get Wiped Out In 2022’ Mike Bloomberg Tells Dems

Michael Bloomberg Says Democrats Need ‘Course Correction’ or Will Get Wiped Out in 2022 Midterms Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is warning Democrats ahead of the upcoming midterm elections that there is a danger for the people pushing a Marxist usurpation of the American Republic. Bloomberg, a former Republican who backed Democrat Joe … Read more

‘NC Parent’s Don’t Want Their Kids Living In Their Basement’: Leading Public School Reformer, Catherine Truitt Says

Republican State Superintendent of Public Schools in North Carolina, Catherine Truitt, is talking about restoring hope in the lives of North Carolina families by focusing on students building employment-based skills, as opposed to social justice “skills”. Truitt’s agenda should be a welcome discussion for ‘Critical Race Theory’ embattled North Carolina parents and students- and employers. … Read more

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