Is North Carolina Gov. Ruling With His Feelings? Radical Leftist Cooper Drops Masks, Out Of The Blue

People in North Carolina are asking their public servants- ‘what changed?’. after two years of trying to understand the decision-making process of radical far-left  Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, who appears to make COVID restriction demands on the people of North Carolina by pure whim and personal feelings. Notice that Cooper never offers any linear information … Read more

Damsel In Distress: Poor, Poor Hillary Clinton Is A One Trick Pony- Democrats Loves Her For It

‘It’s all a vast right-wing conspiracy against me!’ Hillary Clinton is heard saying throughout her long maniacal political career – including currently as she stands before the American people- unafraid to claim her victimhood over what mean people did to her.  That sweet little innocent lamb. What Clinton did is far more impactful, illegal and … Read more

Bergquam: “We Are Importing Thugs And Terrorists”

Ben Bergquam is a top investigative reporter for Real Americas Voice, and he is the founder of Frontline America. Bergquam appeared on the War Room Pandemic with Steve Bannon on Thursday to talk about the massive Democrat fraud and ensuing danger to Americans caused by Joe Biden’s open border policies between the USA and Mexico. … Read more

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