Special Texas Border Agents Ended Deadly School Shooting

Customs and Border Protection is a ubiquitous presence in many Texas communities, and agents are often first responders. When they aren’t busy trying to protect Americans from the disastrous open border agenda of Democrat Joe Biden, they are saving school children from mass murder. Of course, the left hates them and often makes their jobs … Read more

‘Cool Joe Biden’ Has Lost Hispanics, Minorities And Democrats

Something strange happened to the ’81 Million voters’ who supported Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential election; they disappeared. Biden has lost Democrats- including Hispanics, Black Americans and other voters. Bill Clinton jumped in to defend the sinking Biden, offering some word salad, saying: “Former President Bill Clinton has praised President Joe Biden, saying … Read more

Rep. Grothman: ‘Democrats Spending is Fueling Inflation’

Democrat Joe Biden’s presidency is getting crushed by terrible bad news that does not seem to stop coming at his supporters, and the rest of America is suffering worse than many people can remember in modern times with a complex set of problems. Popular pundit Charlie Kirk posted about some of the issues recently. The … Read more

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