AMERICANS BETRAYED! Senate Advances Stripped-Down Aid Bill, Ignores Border Crisis

The US Senate progressed Thursday with a pared-back bill aimed at delivering assistance to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan following the stalling of a broader border security and foreign aid package by Republicans who were demanding real national security on the US border.

The advancement of the $95 billion measure is significant, yet its final approval faces uncertainty due to divisions within Senate Republicans.

While Democrats stress the bill’s significance for their interpretation of national security, Republicans engage in discussions regarding potential amendments and requirements for border-related provisions like law enforcement. This endeavor represents a final opportunity to approve aid to Ukraine, with its fate in the GOP-controlled House also hanging in the balance.

Despite skepticism and procedural obstacles, senators strive to address the aid package before an impending recess, with looming government funding deadlines further complicating the situation.

Meanwhile, concerns persist among the American public regarding the impact of the border crisis and its financial burden. The involvement of government-funded auxiliary groups in providing support to illegal immigrants, as seen in Texas, sparks debate. While viewed by some as compassionate and necessary, others argue that these efforts circumvent immigration laws and misuse taxpayer funds, exacerbating existing issues such as drug trafficking and the surge of unaccompanied minors.

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam recently expressed frustration over the situation, attributing it to President Biden’s policies. He criticized both Democrats and Republicans for their handling of the crisis, highlighting the widespread ramifications of sanctuary city policies and accusing leftist NGOs of coordinating migrant influx across the nation.

Here is a recent investigation of Bergquam’s:

Bergquam’s concerns are echoed by investigations conducted by organizations like The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, which unveiled the collaboration between the Biden administration and NGOs in facilitating mass migration. These NGOs, including Catholic Charities, are implicated in dispersing illegal migrants across congressional districts nationwide, advocating for open borders policies, and contributing to the ongoing border crisis.

As debates persist, the actions of both sides are defended as aligned with their respective values, leaving taxpayers caught in the crossfire.

Read more about The Heritage Foundation Oversight Project’s 2022 findings about the use of NGOs.

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We know from Bergquam’s recent reporting about the NGO’s from Bergquam’s reporting:

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