Sheriffs Honor Ben Bergquam’s Bold Border Reporting Amid Urgent Call for Congressional Action

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), devoted to elevating criminal justice standards, lauds journalist Ben Bergquam’s daring border exposés amidst escalating cartel threats. Urging swift congressional intervention, the NSA demands action to confront the menacing cartel menace.

On Thursday night at their annual conference, the group presented Bergquam with an award. Below are Bergquam”s comments after receiving the award.

“This is a battle of good versus evil. And there’s a lot of evil in the world, not just outside our borders, but within our borders and our country. So I’m honored to be able to work with real America’s Voice News, to me it’s the best media company I know I’m biased, but it’s that that’s a media company out there because it allows me to do what I get to do I get to work with some of the most amazing people in our country, which are the people on the frontline of the battle,” Bergquam said, adding details about some of his investigations.


Established in 1940, the NSA advocates for over 3,000 elected sheriffs and 22,000 members nationwide. Their mission includes addressing critical criminal justice and homeland security issues, symbolized by their badge embodying values of defense, protection, authority, peace, and eternity. The Neighborhood Watch program fosters citizen collaboration with law enforcement to deter crime.

In March 2023, the NSA intensified its call for congressional action against drug cartels, citing recent American fatalities in Mexico. Urging the U.S. Government to employ robust strategies against cartels like Sinaloa and Jalisco, the NSA emphasizes the dire need to curb drug production, smuggling, and sales on American streets.

Sheriff Jim Skinner, chair of the NSA Government Affairs Committee, underscored the urgency of combating cartels to safeguard families and communities. With drug-related deaths surpassing 107,000 in the past year, and significant drug seizures by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the scale of the crisis is evident.

Highlighting recent cartel-related murders, including the abduction and killing of Americans in Mexico, the NSA stresses the devastating impact of cartel violence on both sides of the border. Sheriffs implore elected officials to utilize all available measures to confront cartel atrocities and protect American citizens.

During the recognition ceremony, Bergquam expressed gratitude for the honor, emphasizing the importance of holding Washington accountable. As the host of “Law & Border” on Real America’s Voice News, Bergquam aims to expose the nexus between the United Nations, NGOs, Democrats, and cartels threatening America’s security.

Bergquam’s coverage sheds light on the perilous situation at the border, where drug cartels operate with impunity, perpetuating violence and trafficking. His investigative efforts reveal the complicity of certain politicians in exacerbating the crisis, highlighting the need for accountability and decisive action.

Reflecting on his journey from addiction to activism, Bergquam underscores his commitment to defending America’s sovereignty and protecting future generations. He condemns the politicization of border security, stressing the non-partisan nature of the issue and the urgent need for bipartisan solutions.

Bergquam talked openly about his journey in 2022, in the hopes of helping others.


Bergquam’s firsthand experiences at the border, including encounters with cartel violence and trafficking operations, inform his reporting and drive his advocacy. He denounces mainstream media complicity in perpetuating false narratives, advocating for truth and transparency in journalism.

As Bergquam continues his detailed investigations for border security and accountability, he calls on Americans to demand action from their elected officials. With the support of organizations like the NSA, Bergquam remains steadfast in his mission to expose threats to America’s safety and sovereignty.

In conclusion, the recognition from the National Sheriffs’ Association highlights Bergquam’s invaluable contribution to border coverage and underscores the urgency of addressing cartel violence and trafficking. As calls for congressional action grow louder, Bergquam’s advocacy is a beacon of hope for a safer, more secure America.

Congratulations to Ben and his family for their honorable service to the American people.

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