Proof that NGO’s Are Helping the Invasion of our Country Caught on Film- AGAIN- [Bergquam Files]

In Ben Bergquam’s latest investigation on the situation at the U.S. Border, he was told by a woman- on the spot, likely involved with a profit-making border invasion enterprise, that he was not allowed to film where he was or talk to the people who were in the area being picked up or dropped off.

Bergquam filmed the woman as she instructed the illegals, who were sitting in the area, not to talk to Bergquam. This felt exactly the same as when the Jewish NGO leader freaked out on Bergquam for speaking to illegals, who they were trying to process into the country- which we covered HERE. (That is proof that these NGOs are helping)

Editor’s note; this article contains stalky opinions about what Non Government Organizations (NGOs) are doing to the fabric of the United States of America.

What made the bossy woman mad was likely that she did not want Bergquam exposing what he said was a consequence of the open borders, “a new industry, made up of Non-Profits and Non-Government organizations”.

We know for sure that he is right about the NGOs- according to a Fox News article from 2022 that exposed the same situation as Bergquam described:

“McAllen, Texas – For many migrants, McAllen, Texas, is the end of a journey. For others, it’s the beginning of a new one. Some will live in the U.S. legally; most will not, as 63% of asylum claims are denied, many abscond immediately, and a majority ignore their final order of removal. 

Five years after crossing the border, according to the 2020 DHS Lifecycle Report, just 8% of migrants received approval to remain in the U.S. 

Getting to the border is half the battle; getting a foothold here is another. Playing a vital role in that transition are hundreds of NGOs or non-governmental organizations receiving at least $137 million in federal grants, according to national budget figures. Donations pay for everything from food, shelter, and transportation to legal services that help the migrants traverse Mexico. Some border agents feel U.S. taxpayers unknowingly allow migrants to enter illegally. 

Bergquam reported that the same corrupt groups helping destroy people’s lives by lying to them about U.S. Immigration- are being funded by U.S. Taxpayers to create misery for other people. ”

Bergquam is also the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice:

Berguam reported from the open border about the benefit of the open borders for the drug cartels, who are also smuggling humans back over the U.S. border:

“Tracking illegal alien drug smugglers and human traffickers with Tim Foley of Arizona Border Recon. Check out what we find on the way, and listen to what Tim says at the end! If you want to support Tim’s work, you can give at ( #FinishTheWall#Trump2024#ArrestBiden#SaveAmerica *Stay tuned; back on the border today, will be with @KariLake tomorrow.”

Bergquam then met with U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake and some members of her support team:

It is worth knowing that Bergquam has been kicked out of more prominent places at a bus stop for his work of bringing important real news to the American people about Lake and the border. Recall that in 2022, while reporting on the Kari Lake Governor race in AZ, Bergquam was pushed around by voting officials in the area and told he could not be in the place where he was reporting.

See our reporting on that situation:

Bergquam has also been pushed around by NPR and made the focus of a fake news story by another journalist to keep him from reporting on COVID:

And we know why her opponents want to keep Lake and Bergquam quiet- it is all over the border:

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