Americans Told DON’T TRESPASS! Theft Of Kari Lake Election Emboldens NGOs to Overthrow America’s Sovereignty

Ben Bergquam, the host of Real America’s Voice show Law and Border, made shocking discoveries on his most recent trip to the Mexico border with Arizona, and with the help of his associate Tim Foley who is an independent journalist and border investigator, he uncovered some new details about the devolution of American national security under Democrat Joe Biden.

What we know is that Kari Lake was going to clean up the border in Arizona. But her suspicious election stopped her from declaring AZ was soverign. We covered that story:

And now we know why the forces against Lake were so determined to keep their secret movement of migrants hidden from Americans- because they wanted an invasion.

And it is Americans who are being restricted- not Mexicans.

Americans are being told to keep out, not the other way around, as Bergquam discovered when he found a sign on a defunct Border Security wall telling Americans not to ‘trespass’ into the United States.

The sign was not too far away from an unrestricted path from Mexico into the US.


While in the area to film the end of the Trump border wall, Bergquam noted that the area was littered with the same bottles that border assistance NGOs -who call themselves humanitarians- use to make sure illegal migrants get across the US border comfortably.

We covered those stories.

Border watchers have known for some time about the major financial windfall Democrat Joe Biden has provided for the leftist NGOs and non Profits to create a shadow government for immigration, to avoid legal oversight, and to allow an unrestricted flow of people into the countryside who are bypassing our normal immigration system.

We covered those stories.

And what Bergquam discovered- that is new- is that there is also a shadow city full of illegals on American soil, who are right under the nose of law enforcement, which is also run by NGOs.

Foley explained to Bergquam what was unfolding in the area and showed Bergquam his undercover footage of people traveling between midnight and three in the morning around the defunct fencing. Foley explained to Bergquam that a large group of what appeared to be military-age men were traveling under cover of darkness, without carrying any provisions, on a path that was used to avoid border patrol.

They don’t need to carry provisions because groups are leaving water and food out for them, and they have access to compounds where they can rest and regroup.

We covered those stories.

“This trail is being used over and over again by people; here is one with an AK,” Foley told Bergquam, referring to an AK-14.

“This is unbelievable!” Bergquam said.

Foley told him about a story of a woman who leaves her home on the weekends who are on her property while being heavily armed.

‘They are not afraid anymore. So when there are these large groups crossing, the cartels are using that as a huge diversion while they use guys like this to move drugs and traffic humans,” he said on the secret paths.

Likely they use the encampment to move people as well.

“This area is an activist destination,” Bergquam said, referring to how some churches have people traveling to the area to work there and how they are calling the entire area and job of moving migrants back and forth- some sort of mission work.

One group is actually assisted by the government to operate.

We wrote about that recently.

“No More Deaths have a budget of 100,000 dollar budget, and they get government grants too, and they get tax money because they are a nonprofit, Foley said.

That is a topic Bergquam talks about a lot in his reporting.

“Leftist NGOs have partnered with Drug Cartels to destroy America from within, and they’re using our tax dollars to do it,” Bergquam said recently in a note to the press.

And that is why he was covering the 2022 campaign for Kari Lake for Governor so closely- he knew she would have used her authority to stop a lot of the invasion.

“This mess is a direct result of the theft of the 2020 election by democrats against President Trump, and the 2022 elections by Democrats in Arizona against Kari Lake. Democrats  have sold the state out to the Sinaloa Cartel. The cartels knew Kari Lake was going to treat them like the terrorists that they are. But the truth is being revealed, that the elections were indeed stolen and I believe someday soon justice will be served as patriots across this country wake up and stand up.” Bergquam said to the media about his vast investigations on the border.


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Here is the shocking discovery that Bergquam made:

“THERE IS NOTHING and no one to protect our border for miles between Sasabe and Nogales, Arizona! All of my footage, including the drone, was shot on Friday (6/2/23). This is the state of our border right now and the cartel members you see from the drone are being directly supported by the leftist NGOs that we exposed yesterday! You want to see what national suicide looks like? This is it! Biden, Mayorkas and the Democrats have sold out America! #TrumpWasRight!”

Watch this video for the interview with Foley:

The battle for the AZ Governor race is still raging. Lake announced a new legal appeal in a charge against Katie Hobbs, and there is some speculation that what her team will uncover is that there was major fraud in the pro-Lake districts.

In the meantime, Hobbs is not getting great reviews on her first 6 months in office. She has lost two top officials from her administration, and she is preoccupied with silly pride issues:

Watch Frontline for updates about Lake’s recent appeal as we get more details.

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