Bannon Daily-Never Surrender, End The Fed-War Room Ep. 3069 and 3070

With all the bad news about our nation being in decline, Steve Bannon, host of the War Room on Real America’s Voice, explains the battlefield that the American people are faced with and reminds those willing fighters that we are not at the end of the story of America- with a promised Bombshell Bannon shows that there is still hope for those who are willing to stay in the fight to get President Trump into the White House.

Key Point- the current fight in DC for Republicans in a divided party is to get Democrats to help them keep Trump out and elevate a more “Bush-style candidate,” even if it means funding a massive, unpopular- progressive domestic agenda that the Democrats feed off of.

Bannon also reminds people that the fact is that the American people must be engaged and learn to pressure their reps to cut that progressive funding now or be primaried. War Room marching orders for the day are for people to call their US Reps and US Senators and demand they get serious about spending- and also about Kevin McCarthy, who sold us out.

By the end of the show, there was breaking news that US Rep. Kevin McCarthy would be making the case for getting rid of the Speaker, Kevin McCarthy- so it was another historic day in the War Room, with a multipronged attack on Leviathan- the administrative state.

Monday was Episode 3069: Adding To The Continuous Stream Of Debt and Episode 3070: The Lack Of Leadership



Bannon is not alone in this battle- on today’s show, he hosted a number of experts who spoke on issues from the border to the economic news and explained what President Trump could do when he gets back into the White House to fix this mess we are in.


FIRST, the bad News.. we are in a mess. Bannon gives an example of the mindset of those in DC who are in charge of our liberty, which explains why they operate the way they do with so much political theater:

“You will be sullen by not mutinous, and your relentless pressure and support of Trump is the only thing saving us right now. [00:25:00]

The show for Monday, Oct. 2, 2023, opened with President Trump’s Speech from the State of New York, where he faces a Bench Trial, or what we know as a ‘Soviet-style show trial”, that itself proves that the USA is in a post-constitutional crisis. The focus we need people to have is that Constitutional Conservates must figure out where their fight is- because if it is with McCarthy- they are lying to themselves and everyone else.

Bannon pointed out that in DC, Democrats have the leadership to get things done- as corrupt as it is and Republicans have performance art, which is being exhibited right now with the way they are handling the impeachment of Joe Biden.

Bannon deconstructed his point of view on the disasters Republicans, who ran to the Democrats, passed over the government shutdown this past Saturday.

Bannon did it painful point by painful point.

The central issue in Bannon’s agenda is to focus on the amount of debt and out-of-control spending and the lack of representation of the American people.

“We do not want to fund the Levithan,[40:30] “They are calling you radicals over that, and what are you asking for that is so radical? Your sovereignty,” Bannon said.


Bannon said Monday is a “historic day.” Citing that the opposition who are trying to put Trump in Bankruptcy, which Bannon said is part of the ’30 Part war’.

Central about Trump’s trial is that New York, who is the most sophisticated lending capital in the nation, is- for the first time in history- overlooking the due diligence clause in Trump s financial agreements to bring these charges. Again it is for the first time in history they are doing this- just to punish Trump and try to keep him from winning the 2024 election.

“They want to drain his resources and time and that is the key to the deal on Saturday as well, as they reinforced spending levels to support Youngkin”, Bannon said. [00:13:00}

Here are a few of the parts of the war Bannon talks about:

1) Fani Willis in Georgia to harm Trump

2)Government Shutdown by the Uniparty

3) Trump’s Opponents want to Bankrupt him and give him 700 years in prison

4) The Debt Ceiling- Crisis in Capital Markets- Interest notes


Biden’s Statement McCarthy guaranteed him Ukraine would be done. STATEMENT HERE

Key Point: There is a fight starting, “It is always the same people you are fighting,” with some people lying about what they support.

GET OUT YOUR #2 Pencil: “We are never paying off a penny of the principal. If you were talking about credit cards, we make minimum monthly payments. We are not paying off the principal. [00:16:00]

They have a system that rewards themselves, and the children and grandchildren of the American people will be debt slaves because Interest payments crowd out capital that could go to entrepreneurs and productive enterprises, inventions, bringing jobs and manufacturing back- and that is the fight, and that is the front that government you. McCarthy is working with the Democrats,” Bannon said. [00:19:00]

Bannon cited a Lead Story in Politico- STORY HERE [00:20:00] About corruption in Ukraine and talked about it.

Bannon said that McCarthy’s Lawyers are running Impeachment hearings. [SEE POLITICO ARTICLE ABOVE] “No one could be as incompetent as they were last week. It is obvious Biden took bribes from Ukraine. They don’t want to impeach Biden. Go back to the railhead- they want to stop Trump because that stops you.” [00: 24:00]

Laying out the case ahead: Statements by Gaetz about the future from Weekend interviews: [00:27:20]

Inside baseball: “A deal has been cut, and Biden has cut a deal for Ukraine. You are being lied to every moment of the day.” [00:32:00]

Bannon slammed Progressives, who are Democrats and Globalists, over the Debt that doesn’t harm them:

“We had a way to force changes, the debt ceiling raise, when they need your permission to go along with their crimes, which is to destroy our Republic, and we are never going to pay off one cent of principle, so the more we borrow, then you are just the gerbil on the wheel- going around and around and you are worried at night. This is not unattached to your life. It sets the framework in which you have to live and your prosperity. AOC sounds like a sophomore in high school talking about debt”. [00:35:00]

he called it: “Theater of the Absurd- how the Emprical Capital is run,” telling people that “if you are in a red MAGA district, look at the seeding ground, the people who voted for the Ukraine funding. There is another showdown coming now with the motion to vacate.”[00:39:00]

Ben Bergquam from Real America’s Voice reported from Mt. Crisco Bay, New Mexico, where We Build The Wall constructed the Wall that was working, which is a contract to the way the Biden government is handling the illegal invasion.

Dangers of Central Bank digital currency [00:54:00]

Mike Lindell interview, he talked about IRS Audits as punishments and going after contract laborers who answer phones [00:55:00] CALL MY PILLOW: 1-800- 873-1062 Use PROMO CODE- WAR ROOM.

“Their great white hope is Younkin, that is what this fight is about,” Bannon said at the end of hour one. “The plotters against President Trump are just as bad as Letita James and Fani Willis.”

Episode 3069: Adding To The Continuous Stream Of Debt

Bannon gave a quick rant about “happy talk” and talked about the “Great White Hope of Younkin” to open up the second half of the show, reminding people that the opposition to Trump is willing to sacrifice the country to keep their money and push Trump away.

“You are paying for everything that is spreading the constitution, and everything we don’t have, they are borrowing,” Bannon said. [00:09:00]

And the Border report from Bergquam helps prove that.

“This is an invasion. That is why President Trump is talking about the largest deportation in history,” Bannon said. 2 Million in debt and old debt we have to pay for still, which is 8 Billion.

Interview EJ Antoni From Heritage Action to talk more about it- check out his (TWITTER HERE) :

“The Global Economy is going to force the investors to want to get paid, and why the 20 and 30-year bonds tick higher. No one believes the lies anymore, and no one believes the government can pay this back. People are going to wash their hands and refuse to buy anything at any price. That leaves us with a very, very strong inflation. They will monetize the national debt in their entirety,” Antoni said. [00:10:00]

Talk about putting pressure on the government using threats of reelection to drastically cut government spending. [00:15:00]

[00:20:00] Here is the hope- Bannon talks about restructuring.

[00:23:00] Cut in to talk about McCarthy and the danger of his speakership. Manju Raju: “News – Just asked Speaker McCarthy to clarify if he will refuse to cut a deal with Democrats to save his speakership. “I think this is about the institution. I think it’s too important,” he said, not answering directly.” SEE TWEET HERE

Bannon reminds people to call reps in DC and talk about not supporting McCarthy. “As much as you hate Trump, they hate you more. We are having a war over money and power. They are grabbing the money and power with both hands on the way down; they do not care,” Bannon said.

Antoni talked about the devaluing of the dollar. [00:27:00] Talking about executive orders and undoing the executive orders that ‘straight-jacketed’ the American people.

PROMISED BOMBSHELL – Why the founders insisted on not having centralized Banking.

‘We are giving people a taste about where we are headed,” Bannon said, hinting that there is a lot more going on that we understand right now.

Financial Times of London article cited. ARTICLE HERE

“The kickbacks are huge. It is a money laundering operation, and we have begun to stop, and they hate it,” Bannon said. [00:31:00]

Borders and Invasion, Ben Bergquam returned [00:35:00] and talked about what President Trump needs to do when he is in office. “Congress could stop funding the UN and the NGOs who are destroying the United States and our national suicide,” Bergquam said. Bergquam’s social media: HERE

Bergquam talked about the Global Immigration industry and the destruction of the West, the importance of My Pillow, and Mike Lindell’s support of Trump.

Breaking News will go to the floor at Noon [00:41:00] – to possibly talk about the motion to vacate McCarthy or lay the groundwork.

Played the Trailer for the movie Into The Light [00:43:00] Mike Smith, “You are being manipulated and if you do not know how you can not fight back.”

Bannon crushed Garland and talked about what the Department of Justice had done to the American people.

“We are not interested in your tears, Garland; we are interested in our country,” Bannon said, unleashing on Garland. [00:55:00}

Here is how much money we want to shovel to the Oligarchs- how about nothing? Give us our money back,” Bannon said in closing.

Episode 3070: The Lack Of Leadership

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