“We’re Going Into Phase Two” of the Invasion: Update Mt. Crisco Bay

The Democrats have killed of all chances of having border security because they are making money by allowing the nation to be overrun with illegal invaders- and here is the proof:

Ben Bergquam TWEETED footage of a short interaction at Mr. Crisco Bay that was an update of a previous report of the area.

“Back in El Paso, TX / Sunland Park, NM. If you didn’t think it could get worse than last time, it did! Wait until you see all of the footage I’ve gathered over the last 24 hours; it will shock you! #BidenDidThis, #MayorkasDidThis#VeronicaEscobarDidThis, along with the rest of the cartel congressman in Washington DC. They must be held accountable – this national suicide must end. #MtCristoRey “Law & Border” Real America’s Voice News

@RealAmVoice Sponsored by http://PatriotMobile.com promo code: RAV And http://RAVSAT.com for satellite communication when the grid goes down. Be prepared and support companies that support your value http://AmericasVoice.news http://FrontlineAmerica.com,” Bergquam Tweeted.

Check our past coverage of the area:

Global Immigration industry- showing where all the money is being made on the invasion.

Ben also appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon to talk about what he has seen there and to lay blame for the crisis at the feet of the Democrats, highlighting the We Build The Wall section of the wall that was securing the area where it was- however, as Bergquam pointed out, chaos was all around the wall:

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