Bannon Unveils Week’s Agenda: Government Funding NGOs and Border Crisis, Shutdown in the Spotlight

During Monday’s War Room program, Steve Bannon outlined the week’s political focus for Capitol Hill, highlighting the media’s attention on government funding, with a pivotal showdown anticipated in the US House of Representatives on Friday over border security funding.

Bannon was focused on the danger of NGOs, especially on Monday, telling his audience, “The NGOs are literally the wingmen on this crisis and actually greasing the skids and doing what even governments can’t do to keep it going, and it’s your tax dollars and a bunch of progressive billionaires’ who are giving them money, so they are profiteering off of the crisis,.” Bannon said, describing groups that need to be defunded by the government this week.  


The primary concern on the minds of our elected representatives should be addressing the priorities of the American people and our safety, yet the Democrats’ insistence on perpetuating border profiteering through Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) exacerbates the crisis. It impedes efforts to fund national border security measures realistically.

The revelation that the US Government is funding its own invasion has been brought to light by Real America’s Voice/ War Room correspondents Ben Bergquam and Oscar El Blue Ramirez, shedding light on the role of government-funded NGOs in fueling the invasion of the United States.

Here is what is unfolding:

Tuesday marks a crucial meeting between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Speaker Mike Johnson, where top Congressional leaders may address the issue. Democrats view this meeting as pivotal for passing bipartisan measures and avoiding a government shutdown.

Thursday will see dueling appearances in Texas at the border, underscoring the differing priorities between Democrats and Republicans on funding NGOs and border security.


Friday, a House vote to keep funding the government is expected.

For the War Room audience, the focus of the week is on educating US House members about the realities of funding the border crisis. According to Bannon, the groups causing and profiteering from the crisis must be defunded as a top priority.

During Monday’s program, Bergquam, El Blue, and Bannon emphasized the need to defund NGOs that are exacerbating the crisis and revealed plans for their investigative trip to the Darien Gap region.

They explained to Bannon that based on their own investigations, they have seen how the NGOs operate to cause the problems that the American people want to be fixed.

There is confirmation that what Bergquam and El Blue have uncovered about NGOs is an accurate set of data points.


An Epoch Times article, cited by Bannon during the segment, further highlighted the chaos at the US-Mexico border, noting Panama’s former border patrol director, Oriel Ortega, who accused the United Nations and NGOs of exacerbating the crisis.

According to Ortega, efforts to collaborate with South American governments have been hindered by the ineffectiveness of the Global Compact.


The Epoch Times article underscores the urgency of addressing issues within migrants’ home countries, calls for a comprehensive solution to manage the crisis effectively, and exposes that the problems the US Government is causing impact people on both sides of the border wall.

It can be expected that the War Room will be calling for action all week.

Now is the time to download the War Room Bill Blaster App to contact US House members.


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