SLAVE TRADE: ‘We Want to Shut Down the Government Until Border is Secure’ A Few Brave Reps. – ‘We Have a Slave Trade Problem’- Exclusive

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, interviewed a few brave Republican Representatives who are determined that the US Congress withhold funding and that the government be closed down until there is a realistic focus on national security failures at the US border.

And they want more than promises to throw money at the situation or new laws; these reps. want to see action from the Biden administration to secure the border.

This week, Republicans had a press conference on Border issues, which many people following the problems on the border just felt did not move the needle far enough to solve the real problems of our out-of-control government funding an invasion of our countryside.

Corporate media reported on the event: “Republican lawmakers issued a harsh ultimatum in their fight for stricter border controls Wednesday, declaring they were prepared to shut the government down if Democrats don’t agree to their demands ahead of the Jan. 19 deadline for passing a new fiscal year 2024 budget.”

However, many people sense that many Republicans, who say they want to close the border, lack an urgency to seal up the border and take care of the damage that has been done.

Independent media, Bergquam, dove in more profoundly and fished out a set of fundamental concerns: many of the people at the press conference do not want to be bold enough to fix what is wrong, for whatever reason.

US Reps Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Eli Crane (R-AZ) , Matt Gaetz (R-FLA), Bob Good (R-VA), and Matt Rosendale (R-MT) joined Bergquam this past week and spoke to him one day ahead of Speaker Johnson’s press conference on the border crisis from their point of view:

All of the men demanded action from other Republicans to secure the border and get serious about immigration issues, including addressing the issue of human slavery, as migrants are racking up financial obligations to cartels for crossing the US border, and that migrants bring virus concerns into the country as they are unvetted at all.

The Republican reps want other Republicans to be bold and demand more than Government funding for real border security. They urged the hesitant Republicans to stand with the House majority and refuse to fund the government until the border is secure.


“We are here just checking out what’s going on in Eagle Pass. Local law enforcement, local first responders, as well as CBP is. What we’ve seen is just absolutely dramatically bad. And it’s getting progressively worse day by day,” Biggs told Bergquam, adding when Bergquam asked:

“The question is, do the Republicans have the courage to shut down the government?”

“They should have that courage. That is the check the founders gave us, and we’re pledging to the American people that we’re willing to shut down the government until this border is secure. And that that doesn’t just mean that you pass new policy. It means that you entice, encourage force, whatever you want to say, the executive branch actually to enforce the laws that are in place now,” Biggs said, adding that from their interaction with the American people, it is what they want to see happen.


“We talked to Property Rights Act activists and also the sheriffs and local law enforcement here in Texas, a group curated by Speaker Johnson to deliver that message to our Republican colleagues and we hope they heard that message because the power of the purse is the only leverage we have and if we aren’t willing to use it to shut down the border then what are we paying for?” Gaetz reported.


Crane said he was not hopeful that other Republicans would understand the complexity of the problem and slammed the Biden leadership.


Rosendale slammed the entire process as a Slave Trade problem, pleading with the voters to put pressure on their reps to help do the right things:

“So one of the things that I’m going to take back from this is that these folks are talking about an immigration problem and we have millions of people that come into this country they have a financial obligation to the cartels, and it is a slave generating cartels, that $32 million a week just for the Del Rio sector alone.

This is a big profit center.

And all these folks coming into the country had that financial obligation that they would have to pay back to the cartel.

The other thing is that virus coming down here, we’re hoping to raise awareness so that the American people will put additional pressure on their representatives.

We’re going to take care of the border. We’re going to do what’s necessary; we will shut the government down to secure this border. But we need the other people across the nation to pressure their representatives to help us do what’s right,” Rosendale said.


US Rep. Bob Good said,

“We can’t continue business as usual. We can’t continue to fund a government that bankrupts the country to the tune of $200 million a month, and most of the policies that are hurting the country are not working for the people who work with people in Washington.

We can’t continue to fund this border invasion. And the house is the stronger body. The Senate needs 60 votes; they’ve only got 51 Democrats. We do have a small majority but we have a majority.

So if the majority will stand with our speaker and be willing to say, no doubt a little window of opportunity between now and February 2 where we just say we’re not going to move forward and finesse until the Senate in the White House join us in implementing HR2 passing in the Senate signing into law by the President and then we came down yesterday.

Then, we joined up with the speaker for the luncheon that he had. Quite frankly, some of the speakers- one is a Property Association manager, and one is a local sheriff- pleaded and begged with us not to fund this government until the border is secure. They want us to shut down the government if we’re unwilling to shut down the border. So that’s really what our colleagues needed to hear the Republicans.”


“Are you seeing any movement by any Democrats that will join Republicans in this effort?” Bergquam asked.

“Once it starts impacting their community, then those local Democrats start complaining about it, but as Representative Biggs said, they complain, and they ask for more money to come in, not actually to solve the problem, which is secure the border,” Rosendale said in closing.



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