Ben Bergquam and Lou Dobbs: Championing Truth Amidst Chaos at the Border at CPAC

Ben Bergquam, a well-known conservative Christian correspondent, hosts “Law & Border” on RAV-TV News. His extensive experience includes working in state government and the private sector and engaging in political activism in California and America. As Bergquam told Lou Dobbs from CPAC last week, he is also recognized as “The Hat Guy” for his signature hats, which often display slogans like “Make Trump President Again” or “Trump 2020” to provoke left-leaning individuals at airports.

But beyond the hats, Ben’s impactful reporting on the dire situation at the US border stands out. He has fearlessly covered the southern border crisis, shedding light on stories that other media outlets often ignore. His investigative journalism reveals the humanitarian challenges and corruption at the border, even coining terms like “cartel Uber” to describe the compromised role of some border patrol agents.

Bergquam’s dedication to truth-telling and his commitment to America-first solutions make him a vital voice in today’s complex political and media landscape as the American people search media outlets for truthful reporting on the issues that concern them.

Bergquam sat with Dobb, a veteran journalist, and the two talked about how the 2024 elections feel existential for the American Republic.

Bergquam and Dobbs agree that the situation at the border, with over 1,000 miles effectively handed over to Mexican drug cartels, underscores the urgency.

The two talked about the US border patrol, once defenders, who now find themselves facilitating illegal activities or caught in the web of NGOs profiting from the crisis. 

The following report describes a critical moment in American history as Bergquam showed the evidence he has gathered over several years while investigating the human migrations that has turned into an illegal invasion of the United States, caused by the United Nations, and paid for by the American people.

Bergquam and Dobbs covered the complexities of the border situation, examining the role of US border patrol agents and the influence of non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) profiting from the crisis. Through Bergquam’s evidence-based reporting, he paints a vivid picture of the human migrations that have spiraled into an illegal invasion, fueled by international actors and funded by American taxpayers.

As Bergquam continues to uncover the truth behind the tragedy unfolding at the border, his commitment to America-first solutions remains unwavering. In a time of uncertainty and misinformation, Bergquam’s dedication to truthful reporting serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking clarity amidst the chaos.

The tragedy is complex and deep:

Full Interview:

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