Bergquam to a Dying USA: Shut The Government Down!

Where is the government to stop this? Why are they over at Capitol Hill ignoring this problem and talking about things that do not matter to the American people- all while danger unfolds? This is common sense that while the world is experiencing violence and chaos, we need a secure border.

That is why we need to shut the government down until they fix the border, and here is proof:

In one of the hottest areas for drug and human trafficking is getting out of control at the US Border. At the same time, our border law enforcement is nowhere to be found because they are being used to run all the way out to Tuscon, a two-hour drive each way, forced to transport fake alyssum seekers to non-governmental organizations for processing.

“Wait until you see the footage I got today! I may sound like a broken record, but seriously, it is the worst it’s ever been! This border invasion has to end. The GOP shut the government down until it does. OTHERWISE, OUR COUNTRY IS DEAD! Hold the Democrats accountable! #BidenDidThis #TrumpWasRight,” Bergquam posted.

In the following two videos, Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border, continued his years-long investigation into the unlawful invasion of the United States and its causes – which mostly go back to Democrats.

Democrat Joe Biden and his administration have been allowing foreign drug cartels to have a coordinated authority over the border area, between drug dealers who coordinate crossing groups, government organizations that provide provisions and assistance, and even American law enforcement who are like an Uber service to run illegals around the countryside.

In this shocking footage is seen the brazen attitudes of the illegal invaders, who are usurping the United States immigration process and who are yelling at Bergquam.

One invader yells at Bergquam and tells him to ‘go home.’

‘I am home, you go home,” Bergquam yelled back.

“The cartel has taken over our border! *Shortened video confronting the cartel at the wall from yesterday in no-man’s-land Arizona, south of Arivaca. It’s almost like our immigration policies were created by the cartel! This is a direct result of the Democrat election theft of 2020 with President Trump and 2022 with,” Bergquam reported, showing the footage:

And there is more:

“Here it is! This just happened today. If you thought yesterday was terrible, it just gets worse and worse and worse! Our border has been entirely abandoned by Joe Biden and the Democrats! You must watch it till the end, and afterward please send it everywhere!” Bergquam posted:

Bergquam said that in this more extended version, in the end , the leftist humanitarian from another video who told illegals at the wall not to talk to Bergquam – was exposed.

See that video here in PT. 1, where Bergquam first interacts with a man who pretends to be a humanitarian and appears to have great authority over the people:

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