EXPOSED! Organized Process of Running Drugs Over Our Border Using Gotaways and Distracting Law Enforcement

Ben Bergquam, host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border, attempted to interact with some border squatters recently. He filmed his eyewitness account of an organized process, showing Mexicans- known as ‘Gottaways’ hauling something in backpacks and dressed for war.

This is the process of criminal activity that needs to be addressed by Washington DC, before they do anything else.

What Bergquam saw was a few men who were hiding around in very well-organized spaces as look-outs, watching over other men dressed in camo, who carried cargo in filled and heavy backpacks.

Bergquam noted that as soon as the few scattered border patrol officers took off with vans full of illegal crossers, the men in Camo got into formation and hiked over the hill toward the open border.

Like clockwork, the men worked together to invade the US unvetted and undetected.

Here is what Bergquam said in the video:

“This is the same location where a Syrian National on our terror Watch List was found several years ago and where drug cartels shot one of my drones out of the sky with AK47s. This is one of the areas that President Trump was going to close up,” Bergquam said, walking along showing that group of men randomly showing themselves in makeshift lookout spots.

Check this out:

This video is an ongoing years-long investigation of the conditions at the US border.

The Gotaways are the people who do not want to get caught, likely because they are running drugs and humans back and forth over the border.

The term “gotaways” is commonly used in law enforcement and border control contexts to refer to individuals who manage to evade arrest, detention, or capture despite law enforcement efforts. Gotaways are individuals who successfully cross international borders, escape law enforcement officers, or evade arrest during operations.

Law enforcement agencies often work diligently to prevent gotaways, employing various strategies and technologies to enhance border security and apprehend those attempting to evade authorities. Despite these efforts, some individuals still manage to avoid capture, leading to the use of the term “gotaways” to describe them. The reasons for individuals becoming gotaways can vary, including factors such as the terrain, tactics used, and the resources available to law enforcement agencies.

It’s worth noting that the term “gotaways” is not specific to any particular country or region but is a general term used in border security and law enforcement contexts worldwide.

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