New US Voters Found Deep in Devastated Foreign Jungles, Thanks to US Nonprofits

In a recent video broadcast from the jungles of Central America, Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, shed light on the devastating operations of the US nonprofit organization “Al Otra Lado” and its potential impact on environmental degradation and immigration patterns.

He also exposed that illegals are planning on crossing the border of the United States to vote for Joe Biden.

The discovery of potential new voters amidst the migrant crisis raises questions about the intersection of humanitarian aid and political influence.

Bergquam’s footage captured scenes of numerous individuals traversing through eroded landscapes, walking over the deep roots of ancient trees—a sight alarming to environmentalists. These journeys, often characterized by littered grounds, signify the arduous migration process spanning from South America to the United States, with communities, jungles, and urban areas serving as waypoints along the migrant route.

During interviews with migrants, Bergquam queried their intended voting preferences for the upcoming 2024 election upon crossing the US border illegally. The resounding response pointed towards support for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“Who are you planning on voting for in the US?” Bergquam asks migrants.

“Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Joe Biden,” the people answer. Bergquam highlighted the involvement of various NGOs and nonprofits, including “Al Otra Lado,” in profiting from the United Nations’ agenda promoting global migration and for the impact on US elections.

Expressing concern over the evident environmental degradation and erosion of American sovereignty resulting from the influx of foreign voters, Bergquam implicated both conflicts as influential factors in immigration patterns.

“The United Nations and Al Oto Lado, Catholic Charities, and other nonprofits are responsible for all of this—both environmental disasters and human disasters,” Bergquam asserted in the video clip, emphasizing the visible impact on the landscape caused by extensive foot traffic.

Bergquam concluded by framing the situation as a moral struggle between good and evil. He attributed the root causes of migration to oppressive regimes, corrupt politicians, and criminal cartels. He advocated for a return to societal values rooted in faith as a potential solution to these issues.

Bergquam’s insights shed light on the lack of environmental concerns and humanitarian crises that are being created, and he illustrates the political motivations driving migration dynamics across borders.


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