Black Americans First! ‘With Trump, We Were Not Begging Anyone For Anything” Chicago Freedom Movement V. Illegal Invasion

Black American voters have found a tremendous voice ahead of the 2024 election and want the world to hear about their concerns and demands. Their demands are for President Donald J. Trump to get back into the White House and for the Democrat Party to get out of Chicago.

Here is what is plaguing the Windy City, which is generally known to be very politically progressive:

Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, talked about the increasing numbers of people with Fentanyl addiction and the Chinese Communist Party’s involvement in getting those drugs into the US, which is a result of the open borders, with drugs pouting in and illegals running the streets making drug trades.

Fentanyl is a potent synthetic piperidine opioid drug primarily used as an analgesic. It is 20 to 40 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine.

The CCP’s use of Fentanyl push is getting wider acceptance as a chemical weapon to kill Americans and destroy US communities, especially Black communities where Democrats want to place Illegal invaders.

“About 80,000 Americans die from fentanyl a year. About 2 million Americans are addicted to essentially hundreds and their derivatives. So that’s about point 6% of the US population. The open southern border, of course is the way most of these fentanyl and essentially related drugs are entering in the United States. But the real problem of course, Steve, are two major ones first, of course, the Chinese Communist Party, which is using this as a weapon, it’s a chemical weapon to kill Americans and to destroy American lives and accelerate the hollowing out of American communities,” Bergquam reported.

Bergquam captured interviews of Black American citizens who shared his concerns about the US elites’ role in job loss for Americans with out-of-control immigration.

All of the people he interviewed agreed that US elites, like White progressives, are complicit in economic decline by keeping borders open and offshoring jobs that have resulted in political issues and social injustices not seen in the United States for hundreds of years.

One pastor who spoke with Bergquma blamed the Democrats for neglecting black communities and promoting immoral values and questions how the Democrats can justify housing 2000 “illegals” in tents while Veterans are sleeping in the streets.

Here is what he said about the illegal invaders:

“These people are living tax-free of taxpayer dollars, and our own citizens are sleeping and don’t have anywhere to go, but I think it’s a damn shame. And the American people and pages across this country should be outraged, and we should be holding the Democrats accountable for the actions they’ve taken against this country and our American way of life.

We need to get Donald Trump back into office because under the Trump leadership, black people first saw it was good for the black community. As we know it, we didn’t have any wars. We weren’t begging nobody for nothing. We was well respected in the world. And now we’re the laughingstock of the world.

We have no morals and values and the American people deserve better. We deserve a president like Donald Trump. And by the way, Democrats, as a pastor and a true man of God, it is my job to make sure that we get God-fearing people in office. You will not come to Chicago and you will not celebrate the things that you’ve done. Spit in the black community face.

We will boycott that convention and let the Democratic Party No, no longer we got to sit back and watch you destroy our communities and destroy this country. God bless America.”

Another Black American criticized the Democrats for what he called the “great replacement theory” and advocated for change in the country by getting Trump back in office.

Top of their concerns was the involvement of the CCP with the Democrats, who are pushing chemical warfare in their communities. They blame the elites for neglecting Black and Hispanic Americans, treating them like “trash.”

“We want the President to come here; we promise him there will be no protest. We want to send the Democrat Party a message that they are done here in the city of Chicago, “one vocal Trump supporter told Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam, this week.

Bergquam has been on assignment to chronicle the devastating effects of the Democrat’s illegal invasion of Chicago.

“Wow! Three black voices Democrats really don’t want you to hear! Listen to Pastor Dave Lowery, community activist, Mark Carter, and veteran and Chicago Republican, Devin Jones. What an incredible trip, exposing what Joe Biden and the Democrats have done to the once great city of Chicago. Anyone who says this is anything other than an invasion is a liar. It’s time for every community to stand up and put their citizens and #AmericaFirst. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning. I’ve got many more voices that we will be releasing soon. And they are all #Trump2024!” Bergquam reported along with this footage:

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