Border Security Failure: Shocking Account of Red-Flagged Terror Tip Ignored, Leaving America Vulnerable

On Saturday, Ben Bergquam recorded himself reporting suspicious activity gathered from his border investigations to the Department of Homeland Security tip line, offering a recent video of a clip he has of a man who was identified by someone known to Bergquam as an admitted terrorist. The man who told people he was a terrorist was known to have given DHS a fake name and has been released into the interior of the United States.

The call shows the shocking limitations in tracking down a suspected terrorist and Homeland Security’s ability to identify a potential terror suspect, even after they are released into the country.

Bergquam discovers, during the video, that he can not complete a report with the person at the DHS center without the man’s name, date of birth, and address.

“But what about if they lie to people?” Bergquam asks. The person answering was left with no ability to assist Bergquam.

Here is what he wrote and posted along with the footage:

“If you thought yesterday’s interview was bad, you won’t believe this. *This is not a joke. And I am posting this in the hopes that it helps make our country safer because, after my experience yesterday, I’m even more concerned! I received what I believe to be a credible tip on a potential terror suspect who has come across our border and spent an hour and a half yesterday trying to get somebody to investigate it.

This is part of my phone call with Border Patrol, who suggested I contact the Department of Homeland Security tip line. I truly could not believe what I was told!

Not only are Joe Biden and the Democrats allowing our country to be invaded, this is how incompetent the process for reporting potential threats is. I guess when your priority is advancing DEI and attacking the January 6 Patriots, I shouldn’t be surprised.

We desperately need to get people in charge of this country that put this country first again. I finally got a congressional office and a different agency to take it seriously and passed the information on.

The only thing I can’t help but think is how many more have gotten through, and we have no idea who or where they are! Pray for our country and get involved to help save it. #Trump2024 #SaveAmerica

From Bergquam’s report on Friday, it is clear to see why he is worried:

We will update this if we get any further information.

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