Crossed Iranian Terrifying Warning: ‘Islam,Biden and Democrats are National Security Threats!’ Trump vs. Biden Insights Revealed, Must-Watch!

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, interviewed an Iranian Mulsim man this week who had crossed over the border illegally. Bergquam asked about the man’s view of America’s open borders.

Bergquam asked the man, “What was the route you took from Iran?”

“Turkey and Turkey to Mexico, Mexico to US,” he answered.

“So what was it what would prevent a terrorist from doing the same thing?” Bergquam asked.

“Nothing,” the man answered.

Ironically, out of concern for the last beacon of democracy and freedom, the man was concerned about the radicalization of criminals and mentioned as a top concern that a potential military response to Taiwan that could cause a violent incident in the US by those Chinese nationals, who crossed the border, who are loyal to the CCP.

Citing America’s lax policies for migration, the man, a born and raised Muslim, expressed fear of a potential incident by violent Islam, with no clear answer on how to handle it.

The man also showed incredible frustration with political leaders, citing global crises and fear of deportation, and said that European countries were ignoring the dangers of Islam and terrorism as well, slamming leaders for ignoring Islamic radicalization in America, telling Bergquam that there a “lots of terrorists” in the United States who have come through the borders and also said that he expects that they will perform acts of violence.


Finally, the corporate media is catching up a little with independent media coverage of the fundamental issues the US faces. Fox News reported:

Arizona rancher Jim Chilton expresses serious concerns about the influx of illegal migrants and potential terrorist infiltration at the southern border. Chilton also shares experiences of encountering MS-13 members and cartel activities on his ranch, emphasizing the need for enhanced border security and the completion of the border wall. 

He attributes the migrant influx to President Biden’s policies and urges the administration to prioritize national security.

“It’s really a serious issue,” rancher Jim Chilton said.

“We have no security on our ranch nor in most places along the border anymore. It’s not good. It’s not better in any sense. It’s still outrageous.”

“It’s a national security issue,” Chilton said.

“I’m very concerned that terrorists are coming across the border.”

“When are they going to strike, and are they walking through my ranch?” Chilton said.

“It’s kind of scary,” Chilton said. “That’s just life on the border.”

“We have cartel scouts on our mountains,” he said. The cartels “really have control of everything.” House Republicans sound alarm on border crisis: ‘Worse than ever’

“It’s a method of controlling where everybody goes. It’s a method for opening up other routes for crossing really bad guys, drug packers,” Chilton said.

“The cartel is running drugs and bad people across other areas.”

“You shouldn’t give a message to the world that the border is open, and all you have to do is come through, and you’ll get processed, captured, and released into the United States,” Chilton said. “It’s a national security issue.”

And we know that the government is charging Americans to transport these migrants. See more of Bergquam’s coverage:

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