Cancel Culture Hawks Try to Hit Frontline America Founder AGAIN! [Bergquam Files]

Frontline American and Ben Bergquam of Real Americas Voice has been under unrelenting pressure from political activists to STOP reporting on the details of what is unfolding on the Southern Border- but he won’t stop, and we won’t stop either.

Bergquam will surely not quit talking about what he sees as he travels the United States- which he calls an invasion. His reports about invaders from terrorist countries have hit the mainstream, as have his reports about illegals filling up airports in border states.

A recent report about illegals being flown around the countryside hit some nerves on social media recently:

We reported:

And it caused panic among some of Bergquam’s detractors; they even tried to get him canceled:

Check out the latest update from Bergquam about just another attempt to take him and his work down, for what appears on THIS site:


Bergquam reported that the airports in AZ were full of illegals, and on poster responded that the people were Americans traveling for the holidays- and then all, heck broke lose when Berquam corrected her, and his following jumped in to push back on the poster who disputed Bergquam’s story.

“Keep sharing it y’all! Let’s see if we can get it over a million views! America needs to see the truth about what the open-borders Democrats are doing! What the enemy means for evil, may God use for good. #Trump2024! Hold these traitors accountable. And be sure to pray for…

THEN it happened: the poster deleted the account.

“This Post is from an account that no longer exists. Learn more

Some posters took the opportunity to talk to Berquam about his extensive investigations, and one poster asked:

“How do they even board a plane without proper identification? Or get through?”

To which Bergquam answered:

Ben Bergquam – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News@BenBergquam

“They get a white sheet of paper with their picture on it printed by Biden’s “Homeland Security” that they hand to TSA. It is the most ridiculous thing you can imagine. They literally can make up any name they want, any backstory they want, and they are simply let into our country at our expense.”


Because of the normalcy bias that many Americans have, choosing not to believe what their eyes see about the US Southern Border sometimes causes viewers unfamiliar with Berquam’s work to just freak out.

Likely they are uncomfortable because they know that the consequences of what the Democrats and RINOS have done is devastating to their peace, their quality of life, and their families as well.

Real Americas Voice program, Law and Border, exists to help them come to grips with the horrible news that the United States is being invaded and the invasion is out of control:

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For a compilation of other times Bergquam has faced being canceled- please check out this article and it’s links:

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