Must Watch! “These Evil Dems” Leftist Freaks Out As Bergquam Takes On Church Hating Left, Petitions The Lord To Set Them Free

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline American, went deep into a liberal bastion in Fresno, California, to bring attention to liberal attacks on a church there. At the same time, he was recording a strange shadowy figure sat in his car and laid on his car horn in an attempt to disrupt Bergquam’s coverage almost … Read more

Modern Day Slavery: ‘Leftists Train People How to Come Here And Then Drive Those People Toward The Cartels,’ Berquam On Just The News

Ben Bergquam, of Real Americas Voice, was featured by Just the News on Monday for his unique in-person reporting on the southern border uncovering a deepening humanitarian crisis which is leading headlines this week as people become aware of the chaotic situation there. “America needs to see this, as hard as it is, they need … Read more

‘This District Is Laying On A Grave Dying, But I See Champions’, Congressional Candidate, Claston Bernard, Tells Baton Rouge

Claston Bernard is a Republican running for Congress in Louisiana’s second congressional district, spoke with We The Patriots Film and talked about his inspiring background and his plans to transform the hopelessness of the district he hopes to represent. ‘We have the right to peacefully assemble; we do. Whether people like it or not. Whether … Read more

Unique First Hand Report From Border, Where Is the Media? “I Expect Up To 1 Million People To Try To Cross”

The American Media is willfully ignoring a dangerous and reckless set of events that are unfolding on the southern border in broad daylight, including pleas from people on both sides of the border that a humanitarian crisis is happening. Ben Bergquam has recently spent weeks in communities in both the United States and Mexico, where … Read more