Chicago Union Workers, Former Dems Gather to Hear Mike Lindell’s GOP Message of Political Resilience

In a packed event with standing room at a premium, a multitude of Chicago union workers gathered to endorse Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, and his steadfast commitment to his faith-driven advocacy for the Republican ideals championed by Donald J. Trump. Lindell’s resilience in the face of political opposition was a focal point of the gathering, drawing support from attendees who shared his beliefs.

The event was a stop on the Mike Lindell tour:

Terry Newsome, one of the event organizers, told Frontline America he was delighted with the gathering’s overwhelming success.

“Last night was a huge success! Sold out, standing room only. This is the heartbeat of City of Chicago union workers who showed up to show their enthusiasm for Mike Lindell,” said Newsome.

(Photo- Mike Lindell speaks to a crowded event to rally enthusiasm for the Republican message, March 5, 2024: Southside Chicago)

The event featured a diverse array of attendees, including first responders, military personnel, and current or retired union members. Representatives from various law enforcement agencies, including ATF, CPD, Cook County Sheriff, and ex-SWAT, graced the stage alongside Lindell.

(Photo: Union members gather to support the Republican message on Southside of Chicago)

Newsome proudly shared a photo of his 85-year-old mother, once a lifelong Democrat, who has now embraced a conservative ideology. “She’s a hardcore right-winger great grandmother who loves Trump, Mike, and our fight,” Newsome remarked.

The event also marked a significant milestone in Republican efforts to establish a presence in traditionally Democratic strongholds. Richard Porter, head of the RNC Resolutions Committee, played a pivotal role in securing funding for a Southside Republican office space.

(Photo: L-R Even Organizer, Terry Newsome, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, Illinois State GOP Chairman Rich Porter)

“This is innovative because the Southside is known for being a stronghold for Democrats,” explained Newsome. “Now we have funding for our Southside Republican Get Out The Vote office!”

The event garnered support from various factions of the Republican Party, with an Illinois Central Committee member contributing a generous sum of $4,000 towards the office space. Newsome sees this as a crucial step in bridging the gap between the Southside and the broader Illinois GOP.

(Photo: L-R, Chairman Richard Porter of Ill GOP and Precinct leader Devin Jones, event organizer Terry Newsome bridges the gap between different GOP groups)

Jones is an activist who has been rallying support for the Republican message in the unexpected Democratic enclaves of the Southside. He’s been guiding individuals toward the party due to their increasing dissatisfaction with the Democrats’ handling of immigration and other pressing issues.

Jones appeared with Ben Bergquam on the WarRoom program to talk to host Steve Bannon, and discussed the passion behind his message to the Southside, as covered by us:

Reflecting on the event’s success with Frontline America, Newsome emphasized its significance in showcasing a shift in political sentiments within Chicago. “This microcosm reflects how Chicago Dems are fed up and leaning our way. Let’s rub their noses in it!” he declared.

In a message sent through Frontline America to the event organizers, Mike Lindell expressed his gratitude. “Thank you so much… you guys are amazing. I hope this boosts morale and puts a fire in the belly of those who have grown weary,” Lindell conveyed.

Watch a clip of Lindell speaking to the crowd about the foundation of his leadership and the reason for his strong belief in the Republican message:

The gathering serves as a testament to the evolving political landscape in Chicago and underscores the growing influence of conservative voices within traditionally liberal domains.


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