Exposed: ‘Illegal Industrial Complex,’ Proves Dems Have no Plan to Fix the Migration Flow of Illegals

Government Contracts Fuel Illegal Immigration, Critics Claim We Have Known This for a Long Time

In an exposé published by the New York Post in 2022, details emerged regarding the misuse of government contracts to support illegal immigration under the guise of humanitarianism and charity. The article highlights the involvement of organizations such as United Way, Catholic Charities, and CARECEN, which purportedly receive taxpayer money to facilitate illegal immigration rather than address the underlying issues.

So, there would be a good reason why these people would not want the massive migration flow to end.

Since 2022, at least one state, Wisconsin, has ruled that Catholic Charities is more along the lines of a social justice outfit than a religious charity, as we covered:

According to the 2022 New York Post article, Democratic politicians, including President Biden and local officials, are implicated in a coordinated effort to facilitate illegal immigration without direct involvement. Illegals are reportedly provided with financial aid even before crossing the border, with nonprofits like Catholic Charities allegedly reimbursed by the federal government for their assistance upon arrival.

Ben Bergquam has often reported on these groups with evidence from the ground.

Critics of Catholic Charities argue that these organizations, including CARECEN, have leftist political agendas, with accusations of voter registration drives potentially benefiting the Democratic Party.

One such embattled New York official, Mayor Adams’ stance on the influx of migrants into homeless shelters is also scrutinized as early 2022, as resources meant for American citizens are stretched thin to accommodate non-citizens.

We have reported on the crisis in New York and Chicago as a result of an out-of-control influx of Illegals destroying American cities and causing an increase in crime against the American people.

The legality and accountability of nonprofits like the Coalition for the Homeless have long been questioned. Despite being funded by taxpayers, these organizations are accused of potentially prioritizing non-citizens over locals in need, raising concerns about the fair distribution of resources.

In a recent video post, commentator Ben Bergquam voiced his concerns about the situation, labeling it as the “illegal alien industrial complex.” Bergquam contends that the construction of large, expensive facilities for housing thousands of illegal immigrants in Mexico suggests that Democrats have no intention of addressing the illegal immigration problem.

Bergquam goes on to criticize politicians who allegedly received money from cartels, suggesting that they should be imprisoned for their involvement. He accuses organizations like the Clinton Foundation and the United Nations of exacerbating problems in countries like Haiti rather than providing genuine assistance to address the root causes of migration.

Bergquam asserts that the situation along the border is controlled by cartels, condemning the actions of NGOs profiting from trafficking illegals into the US. He calls for action to stop the exploitation of these people and prevent the erosion of national sovereignty.

As allegations continue to surface regarding the misuse of government contracts to support illegal immigration, calls for transparency and accountability grow louder. It remains to be seen how policymakers will respond to these accusations and whether measures will be taken to address the underlying issues driving illegal migration.

Bergquam says that the solution is to return the US to the leadership of President Donald J. Trump- to start to combat the many problems of illegal invasion:

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