“Hurry Back Trump,” CA Homeless Woman Tells Bergquam, as Illegal Invaders Get Red Carpet Treatment

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is being accused of enabling homelessness and also of promoting liberal policies that help an illegal invasion suck up massive amounts of resources, which could be used to help needy Americans.

Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam, visited California to investigate the high cost of living in the state and to see if the out-of-control border invasion was impacting people there.

What he found was disturbing. Walking along a homeless tent city, Bergquam made some observations for his viewers.

A long-time homeless woman, Kaniah McCauley, shared her experiences of living on the streets and feeling ignored by the government, despite Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom’s $300 Million spending on homelessness in the state.

McCauley expressed frustration with the lack of help for homeless people and believes that President Donald J. Trump would have addressed the issue better than Democrat Joe Biden has.

“All they do is bring us water. We need more help than that. We need jobs,” she told Bergquam, describing a scene of people who need assistance with substance abuse.

Bergquam asked her how she felt about massive funding to assist an illegal invasion over the US Southern Border.

“It is getting ridiculous. I wouldn’t say I like it at all. They need to come out there and help us first. My whole family is out there,” she said sadly.


Bergquam explored the area further, talking about what he sees as the root cause of the problem- Democrat politics:

“Democrats want you to believe that they’re fixing the problem of homelessness. This is Gavin Newsom in California. If you like poverty, keep voting for Democrats. If you’d like drug use to be promoted and public, keep voting for Democrats. You’d like human feces on your sidewalks and homeless encampments in front of your businesses,” Bergquam said, walking along the path in a tent city for homeless Americans.

“If you’d like higher taxes, higher gas prices, and a lower standard of living. If you’d like BLM thugs to be able to rob, it will call law-abiding citizens are criminalized, by liberal DAs- if you’d like illegal aliens invading our country. At the same time, homeless veterans sleep outside if you’d like men being able to use your daughter’s restrooms, and play in your daughter’s sports teams if you’d like giving away our weapons to terrorist organizations, and sending billions of dollars while our country’s going bankrupt like politicians who always promised that never deliver and just keep voting for Democrats,” said, adding, “but if you’re as sick of this as I stop voting for them.”


And, of course, the contrast is so bold between the way the American homeless are treated and the way the invading army of illegal invaders is being treated- as shown in the video below.


We know that the cost of living has everything to do with Homelessness.

In the following video, Bergquam highlighted gas price differences between California and Arkansas, where the gallon was $2.53 less, telling viewers that Americans need to start thinking of voting with our wallets and support policies that favor the people over “commie politics.”

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