Invasion Unfolding [VIDEO]

A disaster has been looming over the Southern Border since the day Democrat Joe Biden took over DC and pushed an open border agenda to stop all progress on the border, to stop the construction of the security border wall, and to invite the world to come into our country, unfettered.

For one-year US border patrol has reported that they are being overwhelmed with radical demands by Biden and his administration that they must handle all illegal invaders delicately, even at a time when the American people are being hindered under COVID restrictions.

Lead investigative border reporter, Ben Begquam, has interviewed many law enforcement officers who say they feel as if they are little more than an “Uber service” for many invaders who only have criminal intent toward the United States.

Bergquam reported on this just this week:

Human migration has pushed US law enforcement to near bursting levels- with some estimations showing 2 Million illegals have entered the country. The country is now at a breaking point, as recorded by numerous sources.

Todd Bensman, an expert on border issues, posted a frightening video on Twitter, showing the planned invasion set for Friday.

More footage was available of migrants and others who are planning on breaking into the country. The concern is that, of course, the Biden administration will do nothing at all about it.

Real Americas Voice Field Correspondent, Auden Cabello reported on the progress of the invasion.

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