Kari Lake Legal Team Still Want New 2022 Election for Arizona Governor

This week, Kari Lake’s legal team, Kurt Olsen and Bryan James Blehm, filed a new 43 page filing in the AZ Court of Appeals, providing a laundry list of reasons they want to do the 2022 election over.

The filing names the defendants for the lawsuit that make up the election process for the state of Arizona:

ADRIAN FONTES, in his official
capacity as Secretary of State;
STEPHEN RICHER, in his official
capacity as Maricopa County Reporter;
Bill Gates, Clint Hickman, Jack Sellers,
Thomas Galvin, Steve Gallardo, in their
official capacities as members of the
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors;
Scott Jarrett, in his official capacity as
Maricopa County Director of Elections;
and the Maricopa County Board of

The Lake legal team presented a list of arguments in a stinging rebuke to the AZ election system, which, according to the Plaintiff’s opinion, is not working to provide much transparency to the public.

According to the newest legal documentation, there are more hints of incompetence, intentional misrepresentation, and outright cover by the list of elected civil servants for the state, whose service to the state and their duty to the people is supposed to protect the election process.

Of course, the battle over Lake’s 2022 Gubetorial run has gone on so long that it has spilled right into the 2024 campaign cycle, but that is not stopping Lake and the team from pushing forward with their original appeal to redo the election. They say there are too many problems, including brazen ballot problems, that still need to be solved.

The newest arguments Blehm and Olsen show issues with former rulings, saying that “meritless” statements by the court are enabling a “nothing to see here” cover-up by the Board of Supervisors, in what sounds like the worst nightmare of the American people, when the court’s lineup to help elected officials deceive the people.

Blehm has, in fact made it pretty well known that he is burned out on the whole election system in his recent social media posts, like this one from just recently, where Blehm decries the “state of American governance” over the 2020 election scandals:

Blehm is definaelty sounding the alarm in his social media posts and this most recent filing that something is wrong. It doesn’t take an expert legal mind to translate these arguments put forward to understand the story of false testimony about election day chaos, official coverup by excluding eyewitness testimony, and legal activism of “denying relief.”

The brief file is pretty straightforward- it appears that the system is rigged.

Survive the News reported on the filing as well, focuing on the arguments made by lawyers regarding the machine failures:

Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett testifies in Kari Lake trial

Attorneys for Kari Lake have made two more filings in their ongoing fight to overturn the stolen Arizona gubernatorial election, including a Petition for Transfer to send the appeal directly to the Arizona Supreme Court. 

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the evidence of illegalities presented in Kari Lake’s lawsuit. Newly discovered evidence shows that machine failures affecting tens if not hundreds of thousands of voters on election day were likely caused by intentional misconduct. Incorrect machine settings, printer settings, and ballot paper sizes utilized by Maricopa County caused machines at 60% of voting locations to fail on the day that Republicans turned out 3:1 to vote for Kari Lake and Republican candidates.

The filing is full of intense scrunity on the legal system and the election system.

In Conclusion, Blehm and Olsen wrote in the filing, “the trial court’s orders should be REVERSED. Because Maricopa’s November 2022 general election cannot be corrected by reliably counting lawful votes on remand, the Court should order the Verified Complaint’s requested relief of vacatur of the election certification and a new election.”
Here is the filing

The reasoning the legal team gives to redo the election rather than drag this through the courts -follows:

“Lake raises numerous arguments about evaluating and remedying electoral misconduct—e.g., unquantifiable election interference that invalidates the election under Hunt v. Campbell, 19 Ariz. 254, 265-66 (1917), Arizona’s bursting-bubble theory of presumptions, burden-shifting for illegal ballots, and the futility of remand
to recount Maricopa’s unlawful election, [OB 54-61]—to which Maricopa’s sole response is simply to deny wrongdoing. [AB 58-60.] On the futility of remanding for trial, Maricopa argues that only the trial court can set aside the election, [AB 60- 61], but appellate courts can instruct a court to enter such relief. See, e.g., Lehnhardt v. City of Phoenix, 105 Ariz. 142, 144 (1969). On burden shifting, Maricopa acknowledges that Lake’s cited authorities go to the burden of proof for contested ballots, but Maricopa supposes that has little to do with election contests. [AB 59.]

To the contrary, counting lawful ballots is precisely the point here. Maricopa’s responses work if the Court finds Maricopa’s conduct lawful, but they concede Lake’s arguments if the Court agrees with Lake about Maricopa’s unlawful conduct for Counts II, III, V, or VI. As Lake set forth in her opening brief, vacatur is the appropriate remedy because remand for a new trial would be futile.”

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