‘We have to Swamp the System,’ First Interview for Senate Candidate Kari Lake with Ben Bergquam

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border, secured the first live interview with Kari Lake after she announced her candidacy for a US Senate seat for Arizona for 2024.

After weeks of speculation about Lake’s future in politics, between running for Vice President or continuing her battle in court over the highly suspicious 2022 Governor race, Lake made a clear and bold move this week.

She will be continuing her legal battles that are not over yet, ” I have not given up on those lawsuits,” she told Bergquam, but that is not all she will be doing. In the interview, Lake added more about the speculation that she would be President Trump’s pick for VP.

“I am going to be on the ballot with President Trump; I am running for Senate,” Lake said with a bit of good humor and a bit of a laugh in her typical positive way. However, her focus on rescuing Arizona from the damaging effects of the Drug Cartel is severe.

Lake’s Senate race, like her past projects in politics and media, will resonate well with her base- the ‘little’ people- telling Bergquam that she doesn’t want a campaign run by the billionaire class, preferring more small-dollar donors, saying “everything I am going to be doing will be about strengthening the American family.”

Bergquam was the perfect choice for this high honor of interviewing Lake, as he has remained close to her and her campaign out of shared concerns for the US Border and reporting on the election tabulation problems after the strange election that handed victory to Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Talking about how she hopes to overcome any problems in her 2024 race, Lake talked about her plans to “swamp the system” by turning out more votes than can be taken away from her and winning her race that way.

And the out-of-control chaos at the border is a top concern.

Both Lake and Bergquam have seen the immigration chaos that has been created by the policies of Democrat Joe Biden and by dire election integrity concerns, both nationally with Trump’s race as well as with her own race for Governor.

We have covered Lake’s relentless pursuit of strengthing America’s sovereignty:

That is why Lake will make a great Senate candidate, and Bergquam promised to keep us updated on her race.

“Our top priority is the Border, the Border, the Border,” Lake told Bergquam about the focus of her Senate campaign.

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