Leftist NC Gov. Cooper Emasulated Again, Republican Supermajority will Override his Abortion Veto

“King” Roy Cooper, a radical Democrat Governor famous for his corrupt abuse of emergency powers, vetos, and COVID lockdowns over the free people of North Carolina, hasn’t gotten the ‘memo’ yet that his veto power is impotent now that the Republicans in North Carolina have a long-awaited supermajority authority to override his little tirades.

Cooper has been using his Veto Power for years to stop all healing and helpful progress by the Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA).

Conservative NC Republican Senator Jim Perry taunted Cooper with a well-deserved jab about the newly sealed authority of the supermajority power of Republicans to reign in an out-of-control Cooper:

Cooper, who likely will seek office again somewhere, tried one last time to garner public support for his theft of political power, and reports are that it won’t change anything and that he looked foolish.

Here is the political theater:

Here is the reality of Cooper’s situation and the smackdown:

Raleigh, N.C. – Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) released the following statement in response to Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of Senate Bill 20, the “Care for Women, Children, and Families Act”:

“Gov. Cooper has spent the last week actively feeding the public lies about Senate Bill 20 and bullying members of the General Assembly. He has been doing everything he can, including wasting taxpayer money on poorly attended events, to avoid talking about his own extreme views on abortion. I look forward to promptly overriding his veto.”  

Cooper deserves all of the mockeries he gets:

Before the supermajority in the NCGA developed, Cooper refused to give up his “emergency powers” by executive order, which he grabbed up with the authority of the World Health Organization, well past the time there was ever any ‘COVID” emergency.

Cooper seized authority, sending the state’s desperate parents’ rights groups to beg for their children’s freedom to attend school peacefully, and small business owners pleaded to return to normalcy.

He even had people arrested to show his power.

As uncovered here at Frontline, even the police, under directions, were mocking the people and their concerns as they arrested a woman for protesting the draconian lockdown measures in 2020 at a ‘re-open’ rally:

We covered that story here.

Back in those days of 2020, after canceling the Republican National Convention for President Donald J. Trump, which was to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cooper toyed with the citizens of North Carolina about returning their freedom to them, moving as slowly as possible and destroying lives, businesses, and hope- as suicide rates of young people rose.

Cooper was known for ‘slow walking’ details of when he would ease his control over people- maintaining sadistic power over people. Here is a flashback:

And now it is his turn to be humiliated.

Cooper humiliated himself in public again on Saturday, one day before Mother’s Day, to appeal to the public to “fight” for his love of killing babies with abortion past 12 weeks- which the general assembly had just slammed down with their passage of S.B. 20.

He did so with absolute disregard for the people who had elected a supermajority to stop him.

Cooper entertained the public with some political theater, saying that banning the murder of babies after 12 weeks gestation was “extreme.”


The radical Marxist Governor who has kept the great state of North Carolina locked down for as long as possible and who oversaw a highly corrupt usurpation of voting laws six weeks before the 2020 General election- when the state was already in early voting- working together with notorious Mark Elias to make accommodations to accept and count fraudulent mail-in ballots- is now powerless.

Here is a flashback about the election grab:

Cooper, who in 2020 defeated Republican Dan Forest, then the Lt. Governor, made the newly expanded voter laws at the last moment “because of COVID.” In a state where President Donald J. Trump won, and in a state where there is a Republican Supermajority, we are to believe that one of the most far-left Governors ‘won.’

Two Republicans on the State Board of Elections resigned in protest at the time over what Cooper did in 2020, one of them notably a Black Republican man, which would have stopped all election movement for the nation- if the usurpation happened at the hands of Republicans making up new election laws- like Democrats and Cooper did.

But since Republicans were the victims- the theft of rights continued.

And Cooper has no shame at all about these humiliating moves he made.

There is a lot of remaining anger in the state toward Cooper and his party for the apparent power grabs, so much so that it was a Democrat, Trica Cotham, who switched parties and became a Republican to fill that final last seat to building the supermajority who could deliver such a statement, as Berger did about overriding the “Kings” veto.

The origins of anger:

Leftist Attorney General of North Carolina, Josh Stein, who worked with Cooper to destroy voting rights, keep people of the state locked down, and helped deliver Cooper his win, is running for Governor and supports Cooper’s silly political theater on Saturday:

Here is the deal for both Cooper and Stein, they are out of power.

Local NC reporter AP Dillion of North State Journal reported on the statements by the leader of the North Carolina House and the leader of the North Carolina Senate:


And remember- we are a Republic:

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