EXCLUSIVE VIDEO REPORT: Immigration Industry Profiteers Are Lying to Devastated Victims of Socialism to Herd Them into USA

Real America’s Voice has sent two courageous investigative correspondents deep into the heart of the immigration crisis to show the toll of the United Nations Globalist agenda- which is to usurp the sovereignty of the United States of America and to destroy marginalized communities along a predetermined migration path.

Real America’s Voice reporters -Ben Bergquam, host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border and founder of Frontline America, and Oscar El Blue Ramirez, also the founder of Border Network News, went where very few reporters are willing to go to bring people the truth of what is happening along the U.N. migration path through Mexico and into the United States. What they have to show is shocking.

Wreckage is at hand, and U.S. Democrats and their partners are the champions of the plan to transform the USA and destroy civilizations all over the American continent.

No one is happy except for the immigration profiteers.

2022 was the most deadly year yet for people to make a mass migration to the United States, where lenient open borders policies of the Joe Biden administration are deceitfully luring poor and desperate third-world victims of socialism and communism.

Central and Southern American countries are failing due to their corrupt government policies and being forced to flee their homelands, seduced by immigration profiteers like the United Nations and other leftist Non-Government organizations to “seek a better live in the USA.” they head off into the wilderness where often death finds them.

The U.N. has the incentive to create this massive humanitarian crisis under the corrupt cover of their “Globalist Compact,” which are policies supported By Democrat President Barack Obama and Joe Biden- and were trashed by President Donald J. Trump.

The U.N. makes a lot of money by displacing people and herding them toward the United States. Consider this graph from the U.N., which shows the increase in money for ‘immigration’ and ask yourself who is benefitting from it:

SOURCE: United Nations

Not only do Non-Government Agencies like Catholic Charities get wealthy, but Leftist Non-Profits benefit from pretending to be working on the issues of immigration as well. They are all getting massive amounts of taxpayer funds from the Biden administration.

And people are dying.

According to Reuters, there is a lot of game playing about the number of deaths of people trying to cross into the United States. Even with the leftist number shuffling, the leftist United Nations and their media partners acknowledge that the number of deaths is astounding, as they reported:

“In Arizona, deaths last year were the highest in four decades of data collected from local medical examiners. In the San Diego area, Scripps Mercy hospital reported a roughly five-fold jump in admissions for wall-related injuries after Trump built the higher border wall, data shared with Reuters show.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) acknowledged in a statement “a rise in the number of deaths.” It blamed smuggling organizations “with no regard for human life,” who abandon migrants in remote and dangerous areas.

CBP has not published data on deaths on its website since fiscal year 2020.

Record keeping is patchy. Some migrants who die are never found or identified.

Following congressional mandates, CBP changed how it counts fatalities along the border last year to include only those who die in custody, during arrests or when agents were nearby. The agency told Reuters there were 151 such “CBP-related” deaths in the 2021 fiscal year, a previously unreported number.

Bodies discovered by CBP or others are not currently included in the agency’s data.”

There is media confirmation that travel through the area is deadly.

Bergquam and El Blue are two of the few courageous reporters who are not only willing to report on the situation but they embedded themselves with migrants to show the hazards of the journey and the impact on the people are being lied to by the Immigration industry:

Here is day one of their journey through the Jungles of Colombia.

“This is an absolute nightmare. It’s a death sentence for many. It’s the United Nations and It’s the NGOs who put the open border Democrats like AOC to cry on fences and say they care about separated children. So who keeps inviting this, causing the death of tens of thousands and the slavery of millions?

All of this human trafficking, AKA slavery, also helps in drug trafficking by the Mexican drug cartels because it gives more people for those guys to blend in… and then get away. All of this is not only putting the lives of the people that are going on this trip- in danger but being done by people who’ve sworn an oath to our Constitution, the United States Constitution.

Our civil servants swore an oath to defend the Constitution and the citizens of America from enemies, both foreign and domestic their policies are directly aiding and abetting the enemies of our nation,” Bergquam said in the video while walking with the migrants, shattering the mythology that the left cares about people.


As Bergquam reported, the United Nations knows that people are going to die, and they do not prepare them at all for the journey. However, the U.N. provides desperate migrants with rape kits, including condoms, knowing they are sending women and children into deadly situations.

We covered the story of the U.N. condoms here:

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