Naughty Chair: Populist-Conservative Roots of Traitors- Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin

It took them almost 24 hours to absorb the shock and awe. Still, three of Fox New’s talk show characters freaked out on social media on Wednesday night, along with other ‘soreloserman’ pundits, who are accustomed to having a monopoly of airtime, which they use to please their PRO-uni party Sugar Daddies.

But now that Kevin McCarthy has been removed from his leadership role, these three men have had a massive public meltdown- which is a bit confusing as to why they are freaking out.

They are freaking out about the US House of Reps. Going line by line to root out corrupt government spending.

Consider what Mark Levin told the public- in one million different ways since he worked with the administration of President Ronald Regan:

” America is a great country because of the individual-ordered liberty, the constitution, and not all this massive government stuff,” bookseller Mark Levin said as he pretended to understand President Ronald Reagan’s revolution against the massive out-of-control government .

So these three dudes were not always ‘sold out for the corporate man.’ All three used to be considered advocates for the ‘little’ people against the corporate government machine. Now, they ARE the corporate machine.

And now they get paid to trash those little people for the corporate government machine.

Three henchmen who have lost their way.

( This article contains facts and the author’s observations of news and current events. It may get a bit salty- please be forewarned.)

Some of the leading “Conservative” talking heads turned to social media Wednesday night, where people would see them (because who watches Fox News anymore?), to trash the 8 US Reps who “voted their consciousness” and ousted McCarthy from his leadership role as Speaker of the House. They voted to eliminate McCarthy over his inability to address the out-of-control spending in Washington, DC, and for forgetting promises made to the American people.

It was the first time such a thing happened, and DC has been on a rollercoaster ride ever since. The top three sore losers have been busy attacking the reps. Who made a stand to reign in Government spending, something all three crybaby FOX News hosts have been discussing since the 1990’s.

That is a lot of talking and no action.

All three men have made their wealth off of convincing their customers that they cared about being ‘Conservatives,’ which is what they used to call working-class values and founding principles.

How did these three “Conservatives” forget their origins and forget what message they were pushing to the American people to sell their books and wares? Is it because they sold out?

All three were once considered firebrands- pushing a Populist message, but now they want people ‘chased out of public life for good’ for actually making a stand on the issues they claimed were important to them once.

Newt Gingrich is not acting with the spirit of patriotism he said he was thankful for from others when he took over the US House in the 1990s.



Gingrich was full of pride about America and taking over the US House from the Democrats because he was the one who was listening to the people.

[00:49] “There is something so great when free people decide things. Win or lose, I always felt good because we were a part of the process.”

[3:00] “Faced with the result that none wanted, they all reacted as a patriot”..talking about the US House.


Listen to Hannity talk about himself as the great “Conservative” as he describes the same angst about the government and the same longing for working-class values and founding principles in one of his first broadcasts for talk radio.



Rare unseen footage of a young Sean Hannity when he was merely an Atlanta talk radio starlet in 1994. From the PBS VOTE FOR ME: POLITICS IN AMERICA series:

[12:50] “I think the mainstream media is biased and abusive; I don’t think there is anything more helpful than talking directly to the people, be it about crime, their pocketbooks, corruption to the political process.”

[15:00] “People in DC are missing their power… and use taxpayer funds to pay for votes.”… listen to the rant…

[17:00] “Bill Clinton has animosity toward the American people”…

And don’t forget the “great one.”



Listen to Levin talk about the debt and what he thinks President Reagan would be doing as he slams the government sector for putting people out of business:

“I think President Reagan would be liberating the economy and wealth, promoting competition, promoting startups, rewarding investment and capital creation, and doing everything you need to do to create jobs and wealth.

Unfortunately, what’s going on now is the government sector is massively building. And that’s where the job creation is, and you take a dollar out of the private sector and give it to the government, you’re going to put people out of work governments inefficient.

In some ways, the government is authoritarian, and it does not provide us with the sustenance we need; we do it through the private sector.

So I think this administration is the mirror opposite of what the Reagan ministration was 

The first thing that affected me wasn’t a book was going to Independence Hall. Going to the was the Pennsylvania assembly room. Where they debated, wrote, and ratified the Declaration. And then a few years later, several years later, the Constitution, the United States. And it became clear to me that they didn’t do that even at a young age to create a big government.

They didn’t need to do all that to create a big government. They did it for liberty.

And then, as I got older, I realized the Revolutionary War was fought for liberty. Civil war was fought for freedom in the world. War II was fought for liberty, not some massive bureaucracy that distributes wealth.

President Reagan was a man who, in my beliefs, led a great country; it’s a great country because of the individual-ordered liberty, the Constitution, and not all this massive government stuff. “


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