Woman Freaks Out! Pt.2, Lulac on the Attack to Get More Hispanic Votes for Democrats, Trump’s Lead with Latinos Expands

Hispanic leaders are concerned about President Joe Biden’s sinking support among Hispanic voters, according to a recent report by Fox News on Tuesday, and that matches the panic that we are seeing out in the field, from reports by independent reporters like Ben Bergquam, who had a confrontation with a White Felam progressive, who was defending her work of assisting an illegal invasion into the United States.

Even as one Spanish-speaking man, an American citizen, asked her why she was destroying the country and making it easier for foreigners to harm the American people and bypass our immigration laws, she continued to defend her actions.

It is obvious that the woman was anxious and desperate for the illegal invaders not to be questioned by the independent media.

The media knows that Democrats are freaking out because America First agenda is building in the minority communities where Democrats used to have power and control.

Semafor revealed anxieties within leaders in Hispanic organizations across the country, and the leftist pro-illegal invasion group Lulac made the news:

“It’s a matador red flag flying out there — the Hispanic vote is totally up for grabs,” the national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (Lulac), Domingo Garcia, told Semafor. “[Trump’s] cutting the margins. And that can be a big difference in battleground states like Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin.”

“They’re lacking a core message and right now Latino voters are really concerned about economics — inflation has eaten away at their paycheck, the cost of rent… trying to buy a house seems to be more elusive than ever,” he said.

Recently, Frontline America covered the footage of a group of Independent reporters and journalists who were confronted out in the field by a Lulac worker, who identified herself as a “Humanitarian and therapist,” and someone else in the crowd recognized her as the Democrat chair of a county party nearby.

In part 1, we identified that the woman represented the group LuLac, who is working to assist the invasion:

And now, in part 2, we have more footage of her escalating her tone and being hostile to Ben Bergquam and Jpseph Trimmer, and others:

We know that Biden is sinking in the polls with legal American Hispanics.

President and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Julio Fuentes, said that Biden’s support in Florida is dropping rapidly, Fox News reported, adding:

“[Biden] did have a good percentage of the Hispanic vote here in Florida on his first go-around,” he said, “but you just see that dwindling, literally on a weekly basis.”

Trump has a solid and active base of Latino voters, and now Latinos for Trump is pumping out music videos that will pull more interested voters into the fold.

Check this out from Forgiato Blow:

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