Voter Control Plan: Did America Import Jihad for the Summer of 2024 Riots?

“Back up! Back up! Back the F— UP!” one Palestinian protestor screams at a video podcaster during footage of what appears to be an attack in the chaotic, litter-strewn streets of New York City.

The scene is frightening to watch as a man in a tie continues to scream at the videographer to back up and stalks the man, who is heard to say- “Don’t touch me!”

The men in the video wear a Kaffiyeh, a traditional black and white scarf associated with Palestinian culture. A “kaffiyeh” or “keffiyeh” symbolizes Palestinian identity and has a distinctive checkered pattern. The black and white kaffiyeh is often worn folded into a triangle and draped over the shoulders or around the neck. It has become an iconic symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for self-determination.

Why did we import the struggle of the Palestinian people in the middle of everything else America is going through?


The footage was taken during a series of disruptions around the city in favor of Palestine’s ideology and its war with Israel:

So, what we see is that Americans are being terrorized, and it is like Democrats and Joe Biden want it that way. Or why else would the administration be purposefully driving an illegal invasion of the United States and allowing people from all over the world to come in and do whatever they want?

We know that the invasion includes people from Muslim countries who favor Jihad. That is just a fact.

And we know that Europe has been taken over using these tactics:

The Jewish Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) released a story in 2019 that is interesting to look at to see the pattern of what is escalating in the US: Migration from the Muslim World to the West: Its Most Recent Trends and Effects.

According to the JCPA, the invasion of the Western World and the following Jihad is to be expected:

“The potential consequences of growing Muslim mass migration for the state of Israel, for the entire West, and for the worldwide Jewish communities are manifold. Recent Gallup data suggest that millions of people from countries often fundamentally and violently opposing Israel, and in which hating Jews is endemic,4 now want to migrate to the leading Western military powers, hitherto providing vital support to the Jewish state. At the end of the day and on a global scale, there are now 166 million people willing to emigrate to the United States, 46 million people to the United Kingdom, and 39 million people to France. The large majority of them are from poorer developing countries, above all in the Muslim world.”

That matches up with Independent journalists and their coverage of the Border invasion, where known terrorists are slipping into the US.

Check out some of Bergquam’s most recent footage about the way people from countries known for terrorism are slipping in:

Bergquam is on to something. Look at this footage of an uprising in New York City, a place that is being torn apart as a result of being a Sanctuary City, as Bergquam reported a few months ago:


A New Yorker shows Bergquam the injustice of sanctuary cities on the American people.

How will this all impact our net election? Bergquam’s coverage is crucial to watch:

We know, from Bergquam’s reporting, that the Government is helping:

More from the JCPA on their investigations into the migration of Muslims into Western society:

It takes little imagination to realize that, within just one to two decades, these expected monumental shifts in the underlying demographics of Western countries, caused by Muslim mass migration, may have severe and even dramatic effects on the future support for the state of Israel and on its backing among the populations of the leading Western powers, and also on the Jewish populations living in Western democracies. With around a third of the total immigrant population in the entire EU-28 now originating from Turkey and the other OIC countries,5 the growing future Muslim presence in European politics and economics is not a fantasy but a reality.6 As this article will show, the European Union has recently become the world’s leading magnet of global migration, with around a fifth of global migration now flowing into the EU countries. There is no indication whatsoever that this is a temporary phenomenon that will abate in the near future. Europe seems to have found—as yet—no coherent answer to the refugee crisis and to the challenges of mass migration across the Mediterranean.7

Thus one of the undoubted effects of the recent global migratory movements to Europe is what they portend in the long term for the rise of anti-Semitism and for Israeli security. This crisis is also combined with other intensifying economic and institutional shortcomings of the European Union and the European Monetary Union, which were already evident even before the economic crisis of 2008, and which will come to the fore in a downward spiral of European politics and economics in the near future.8 If anything, the problems will worsen after Brexit9 and the elections to the European Parliament in 2019.10

This article’s central message is that in the wake of the so-called Arab Spring, rich Arab immigration-hosting countries, hitherto the main recipients of OIC migration, became more restrictive in their immigration policies, while a considerable proportion of OIC migration has now turned to Europe, accelerated by the instabilities wrought by the civil war in Syria.

Contrary to the assumptions of the dominant “welcome culture” in the media and the academia of most West European countries,11 the negative social and political consequences of this mass migration, especially for gender relations and the overall inequality dimensions, cannot be overlooked. We test these relationships with multivariate analyses of these effects of migration processes on development indicators of the countries of the world, duly considering key economic, geographical, and political variables influencing these processes such as geographical latitude, geographical distance from Europe, income levels, and years of membership in the European Union.12 The chosen methodologies for these cross-national tests of the effects of migration are partial correlation analyses and promax factor analyses, which are among the standard contemporary tools of multivariate analysis in the social sciences.13 The focus will be particularly on the effects of migration from the OIC countries.

The Bottomline is that we know that the Democrats have a plan to get the illegal vote out to stop President Donald J. Trump from closing the border:

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4. http://TWC.Health/Frontline

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