Rebellion! Just As The World Needs An Exorcism, Polish Catholic Church Pushes Back On Marxist Pope

There can be no doubt that the world, including the United States, requires an Exorcism.  We need to have grounded professionals perform Godly ordained leadership in a mass exodus from deadly Globalism. But- as the Catholic Church falls, the Occult rises.  It is elementary what we need now. Like no other religious body, the Catholic … Read more

Americans Are Not Prepared To Resist Evil, Where Is The Catholic Church? Conversations With Mary Flynn

Like the Travis Scott concert in Texas, recent stories in the news have shown the demonic consequences of leftist Satan Worship in America. Frightening deaths caused by human actions, after a bombardment of pro-death -messaging, branding, and PR- into American culture and institutions have forced many Americans to examine their faith in God. And that … Read more