‘Organs Of Children Caught In The Jugle Were Being Removed To Be Trafficked’ on Way To US Southern Border

Ben Bergquam, the host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border, join radio show host Georg Rodriguez to talk about the shocking evidence of child organ harvesting in the jungles of Panama as people are making their way through that area, as Bergquam has exposed in his exclusive reporting, to get to the US border where they are met with radical leftist policies allowing then to cross into the country with little interference.

Joe Biden’s policies are enticing people to use children as pawns to get into the USA, and now we are hearing of the massive human suffering that is being caused by people from all over the world trying to get through the jungle and into the USA.

“Unbelievable interview in San Antonio, TX: Firsthand accounts of children’s organs being removed in the Panamanian jungle. …This is Joe Biden‘s humanitarianism: robbery, rape, and murder! With George Rodriguez of El Conservador,” Bergquam posted a video showing the disturbing interview of people who were giving their eyewitness stories.


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