OUTRAGE: Criminals Sneak In While Border Patrol is Being Used To Process Fake Asylum Seekers

Ben Bergquam has had it in this video. After watching a handful of men dressed in camo scaling a wall toward an open border, knowing that they would not be apprehended, Bergquam drove along the border for 20 miles, and the emotions and frustration he felt upon not seeing any law enforcement were telling.

Check those guys out here:

After years of investigations he has done into the conditions at our border, it can be summed up in Bergquam’s most recent few days on the wall, where he started by looking for a Border Patrol Officer out on the ground securing the perimeter of our country. All he found was more proof that our law enforcement officers are being used to transport illegal invaders to processing centers, where they will be assisted to get deeper into the United States.

There is no vetting of any of these people, and it feels like the Democrats in charge are actually helping to destroy the United States of America in this way- with an unlawful invasion of foreigners.

It is absolutely maddening. This is why we need the government to focus on the US border.

Watch as Bergquam describes what he has witnessed:

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Here are more of Berguqm’s reports on the situation at the border:



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