OUTRAGE! ‘This would be like Israel inviting Hamas into Jerusalem’

“It just keeps getting worse and worse! This would be like Israel inviting Hamas into Jerusalem, from the San Ysidro Port of Entry that has been turned into an illegal alien processing facility,” Ben Bergquam said as he reported that NGO buses were allowed to go into an area to transport invaders, with Homeland Security’s help, in an area that has been turned into a machine to assist Jewish Family Services.

Jewish Family Services, as Bergquam identified, the group responsible for moving the migrants are the ones who are bringing terrorists into the United States from Muslim lands, where known terrorists have pledged death to America.

Considering what Bergquam uncovered in recent reporting about Lukeville, Texas, as people from lands of known terrorists like Syria, this should be causing a public uproar.

“Jewish Family Services” is one of the nine significant groups bringing these terrorists into our country,” Bergquam pointed out in the video below. “This is an industry of illegal invasion. How are more agents not outraged about this?”

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